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The power of unity! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their seats, but gathered together uncharacteristically, discussing a math problem attentively, as if they were having a very serious discussion. There is no specific moderator, each student listens to the analysis of other students in an orderly and patient manner,...
The charm of a smile! Whenever kids are asked: Can smile? Kids find it strange, that people are born with the ability to smile, and everyone can. However, why some children's smiles can infect others, get praise, or thanks, but some kid's smiles are hated by other kids, think are fake smiles, and are even mistaken for ridicule and so on.
Resolve conflicts! Competitive and likes to drill horns, leading to quarrels and even fights with classmates often over trivial matters, etc., among kids, it is commonplace. Kids should learn to resolve conflicts happily. Although there is a quarrel, they can shake hands and reconcile immediately afterward.
The wide the mind! The wide the mind of the sea is admirable. Every kid should learn to have the mind of the sea and learn tolerance, including others for their own praise, or criticism, and even abuse. The endless sea, for a while the waves are turbulent, the waves are rolling, the mountains are overturned, and the wind is calm for a while, the sea breeze blows gently...
The polite ! Sophie came home from school and suddenly found that her new neighbor had a girl as her age. Sophie immediately greeted her happily. The first time they met, after introducing each other, the two immediately became inseparable good friends. Sophie immediately introduced her friends to meet the girl Nancy, and Nancy was polite every time, giving the impression of being very polite!
The right posture to walk! Many parents disapprove, the simply walking, why need to keep the correct walking posture? Because, the correct walking posture, for each kid is very important. Wrong walking posture will gradually hurt the physical health of kids. That's why kids need to learn the correct walking posture. ...
Mysterious smiling! Smile is the patent of kids, every kid will know it, but different smiles have completely different effects. For example, a mysterious smile can attract kids... Andy was happily describing to his classmates an interesting story about his outing yesterday, and every little friend was fascinated....
Special action! The smart and cute Smurfs have started a new action, ready to explore the deep mountains and old forests. Because of the long distance, many young Smurfs cannot participate unless they can ensure that they will not be left behind. Every Smurf clapped their own chests, making sure their own cannot left behind.
Over family member! When the kids arrived in a brand-new environment, looking all of them were unfamiliar and new faces, but everyone's face was filled with bright smiles, giving others infinite warmth, extending their hands to welcome new friends, please cheer for our friendship! Although kids reach a new environment, they can still feel happiness.
Adapt! It is very easy for kids to adapt to the new environment, kids often greet the new environment with joy. When kids arrive in a foreign country and face a new learning environment and a different living environment, kids are easy to show, full of curiosity, joy, excitement, but not afraid.
Strong the person! Kids often when encountering difficulties, can't help but show abnormal behaviors such as anger, tantrums, etc. These behaviors are all wrong behaviors. Kid must learn to be a strong man in life, be proud of difficulties, and overcome difficulties with your own wisdom.
Happy life! Starting a happy life for kid is an easy goal to achieve. Every kid can do it, learn, master their own to create happiness, and gain friendship, and happiness. Kids use their own actions to bring joy to themselves and others, help each other, create a happy childhood, and enjoy a happy childhood;
Are the happy? Every kid are very happy! Every day, kid very happy, because, kid know how to create happiness by their own. Although, kid encounter many things that make their own unhappy, angry, annoyed, and sometimes even make their own cry and feel aggrieved, but, can create happiness by their own...
Helping each other! 1+1=3, unity is strength! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their own seats, but gathered together uncharacteristically to discuss a math problem. There was no moderator, but each student listened to the analysis of other students in an orderly and patient manner, and then spoke by himself.
Colorful! Kids work together to draw a colorful world together! Learn to use kind humor, resolve conflicts, use happiness to eliminate anger, troubles, use praise to gain friendship, create and provide a good environment for kids, learn happy sketches Golden Int'l comprehensive performance...
In snow send charcoal ! The icing on the cake is good, but what the kids like more is: In snow send charcoal! In the process of growing up, kids often encounter the most difficulties and are very eager to get help. A kind smile and a cordial greeting are undoubtedly helpful for kids who encounter difficulties and have an introverted mentality.
Bona fide smile! Use your own kind smile to treat troubles and let troubles go with the wind. Every day every kid will meet have all kinds of troubles, because of various reasons, what should kids do? Learn to use a smile to eliminate your own troubles in time, use happiness to resolve caused by troubles, learn and create by yourself, provide a good environment for yourself
Posture! Does posture matter? Many kids disapprove, especially parents, who maintain a casual posture towards their kids posture, causing trouble for their own kids healthy growth. Why do you need to learn the correct posture to walk? Candy classmate was hospitalized, and the teacher, with a sad expression on his face...
Trust yourself! It is very important for kids to believe in themselves. For the difficulties in learning, believe that through their own efforts, can be solved. For conflicts with other kids, believe in yourself, be able to properly resolve disputes, and be reconciled as before.
New thoughts! Dad always kept saying that the early bird catches the worm, and if their own want to get good grades in your studies, you should work hard early and so on. When Andy heard it, he always disapproved. He even said loudly to his father: Dear Dad, stupid birds have food to eat! Times have changed, and the temptation to kids is getting bigger and bigger.
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