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Enjoy everything! Kids themselves must learn and master how to create happiness. Every day, can create happiness by themselves, keep themselves in a happy mood, and enjoy everything happily. Although, will encounter many things that make their own unhappy, which will make their own angry frequently and cause a lot of troubles.
Unity is strength! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their own seats. Instead, they gathered together to discuss a math problem. There was no moderator, but each student patiently listened to the analysis of other students in an orderly manner, and then spoke by himself, ...
Does has the courage to face your own failures? Failure gives kids a lot of inspiration. Please cherish the inspiration that failure gives your own. Although failures happen around kids every day, how face all kinds of failures? Being able to face up to one's own failures in a timely manner, find out the real reasons for failure, ...
Recognition ability! Although icing on the cake is nice, what kids like even more is: providing help in times of need! As kids grow up, they often encounter many difficulties and are very eager to get help. A kind smile and a cordial greeting are undoubtedly the most effective help for kids who encounter difficulties and have an introverted mentality.
Prevent diseases! Whenever it is said that posture is very important, many kids do not take it seriously. Even parents have misunderstandings, thinking that the various postures displayed by kids are similar to: walking posture, sitting posture, etc. , is formed naturally. In fact, this is not the case. Each kid various postures are not innate.
Posture! Classmate Edward is hospitalized. With a sad expression on his face, the teacher told the students that because of the foot disease, each of us should protect our bodies and keep the correct posture. Edward was very naughty, but he often made wrongly postures. Over time, his walking posture became more and more incorrect. One day, he was accidentally fell...
Understand different views! Believe in yourself, you will definitely be able to do many things through your own efforts, and their own will be able to do them well. However, what should your own do if your own are faced with completely different educational views? Participate in learning, ...
New ideas! Dad always talks endlessly, the early bird catches the worm. If their own want to get good grades in studies, should work hard early and so on. Andy always disagreed when he heard it. He even said loudly to his father: Dear Dad, there is also food for stupid birds!
The inevitable result! Hello, please accept my sincere apology! It is normal to do something wrong. Dare to face it calmly and apologize sincerely. Not only can you quickly resolve the embarrassing situation, but also gain understanding. This is the correct way of doing things that every kid must learn.
The precious! Friendships between kids are pure friendships that are priceless and precious! Kids often applaud the pure friendship between friends, through a bright smile, a sincere encouragement, and a warm hug, the friendship between kids is conveyed. Pure friendship seems to be the link between kids,...
Practical action! Little fatty, little fatty, the classmates secretly called Tom behind his back. Tom was very angry and frustrated, Why? Amy is Tom's neighbor and good friend. Seeing Tom's listlessness every day, she feels very sorry for Tom. Amy reminds Tom that being negative is hurting yourself and hurting the friendship of classmates...
Strong person! Kids should be strong in life, not weak in life. Because facing difficulties is a normal thing, kids must face difficulties all the time, use their own wisdom to overcome difficulties, and become strong in life. "Thank you!" should become the mantra in children's lives, because children live in happiness every day, ...
Enlightenment! The growth of the eaglet is special and full of wonderful processes, especially at the end, the mother eagle pushes the eaglet down, allowing the eaglet to drop directly and quickly from high altitude under the action of gravity, the gravity of the earth and other external forces, and then spread its wings, flying freely in the sky.
Share happiness! It is very easy for kids to gain happy. However, some children don't think so, and often blurt out, it's so difficult! Why? The reason is that one's own requirements for happiness and the goals set are too high. With one's own efforts and abilities, can not to achieve at all, and can not to share one's own happiness with other kids.
Pure friendship! Every kid should learn to use their own beautiful language to comfort and provide help within their own ability when facing difficulties for their own or other kids, and to overcome difficulties with their own peers, because, one's own beautiful language can promote pure friendship.
Adjust your own mood! Whenever asked: Can encourage yourself with a smile in time? Many kids shook their own heads and bluntly said that their own couldn't do it. Whenever encountering difficulties, making mistakes, facing setbacks, etc., the kids themselves need to be encouraged.
The ideal! What is one's own ideal? Ideals are kids own hopes. Every kid has their own ideals, such as wishing for good grades, or looking forward to one day flying in the ideal sky like an eagle, etc. Many kind variations, completely different ideals. With the right guidance, each kid can achieve progress every day, show oneself, and realize their own various ideals through one's own efforts.
Envious! Kevin was hospitalized. The teacher told the students with a sad expression that because of the foot disease, he hoped that every student should protect his body and walk out of the correct walking posture. Kevin is very naughty, has good feet, and often walks out of very ugly postures.
Cohesion power! Small grains of sand, inconspicuous and powerless, let the wind blow, and are often ignored by people. However, when thousands of small grains of sand gather together to form an incomparably powerful desert, it can create a world-changing function,
Send roses to others, hands leave with roses the fragrance! Learning to be grateful, helping others as much as possible, showing your own smile, etc. These are life knowledge that every kid must learn and master. In the environment where kids grow up, they are often lacking and should be replenished in time.
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