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Debate! During the self-study class, the students did not sit in their own seats. Instead, they gathered together uncharacteristically and concentrated on discussing a math problem, as if they were having an extremely serious discussion. There was no specific moderator.
Can their own smile? Whenever kids are asked: Can their own smile? They all find it strange that people are born with the ability to smile and everyone can do it. However, why are some kids the smiles contagious to others and receive praise, praise, or thanks, but some kids the smiles are annoying to other kids, and they think they are fake smiles, or even mistaken for ridicule, etc.
Influenced by ears and eyes! Is very competitive and likes to get into trouble, which often leads to quarrels and even fights with his classmates over trivial matters. This is a common thing among kids. Kids should learn to resolve conflicts happily. Even if there is a quarrel, they can shake hands and make peace quickly afterwards.
The mind of the big sea! The mind of the sea is admirable. Every kid should learn to let himself have the mind of the sea, and learn to be tolerant, including praise, criticism, and even curses for their own. The boundless sea is sometimes turbulent, with rolling waves and overwhelming mountains, and sometimes calm, with the sea breeze blowing gently ...
New friend! Sophie came home from school and suddenly discovered that her newly moved neighbor had a girl of her own age. Sophie immediately greeted her happily. The first time they met, after introducing each other, they immediately became inseparable good friends.
Mysterious smile! Smile is the patent of kids, every kid knows it. However, different smiles have completely different effects. For example, a mysterious smile can attract kids. Andy was happily describing the interesting things about his outing yesterday to his classmates.
Adventure action! The smart and cute Smurfs have started a new action, preparing to explore the deep mountains and old forests. Because of the long distance, many little Smurfs cannot participate unless they can guarantee not to be left behind. Every Smurf is patting its chest and ensuring that they will not be left behind.
Smile! When kids arrive in a new environment, at first glance, they are all unfamiliar new faces. However, everyone has a bright smile on their own face, giving infinite warmth to others, extending their own hands to welcome the new ones and say: friends, please cheer for our friendship!
Curiosity heart! How to adapt to the new environment is very easy for kids. Kids often greet new environments with joy mood. When kids arrive in a foreign country and face a new learning environment and a strange living environment, they are prone to be full of curiosity heart, happiness, excitement, but not fear.
Stronge person! Kids often cannot help but show anger, tantrums and other abnormal behaviors when they encounter difficulties. These behaviors are all wrong behaviors. Kids must learn to be a strong person in life, be proud of difficulties, and use our own wisdom to overcome difficulties.
Happy life! Starting a happy life for kids is an easy-to-achieve goal. Every kid can do it, learn and master themselves to create happiness, and gain friendship, enjoy the happiness. Kids use their own actions to bring joy to themselves and others, help each other, create and enjoy a happy childhood.
Enjoy everything! Kids themselves must learn and master how to create happiness. Every day, can create happiness by themselves, keep themselves in a happy mood, and enjoy everything happily. Although, will encounter many things that make their own unhappy, which will make their own angry frequently and cause a lot of troubles.
Unity is strength! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their own seats. Instead, they gathered together to discuss a math problem. There was no moderator, but each student patiently listened to the analysis of other students in an orderly manner, and then spoke by himself, ...
Does has the courage to face your own failures? Failure gives kids a lot of inspiration. Please cherish the inspiration that failure gives your own. Although failures happen around kids every day, how face all kinds of failures? Being able to face up to one's own failures in a timely manner, find out the real reasons for failure, ...
Recognition ability! Although icing on the cake is nice, what kids like even more is: providing help in times of need! As kids grow up, they often encounter many difficulties and are very eager to get help. A kind smile and a cordial greeting are undoubtedly the most effective help for kids who encounter difficulties and have an introverted mentality.
Prevent diseases! Whenever it is said that posture is very important, many kids do not take it seriously. Even parents have misunderstandings, thinking that the various postures displayed by kids are similar to: walking posture, sitting posture, etc. , is formed naturally. In fact, this is not the case. Each kid various postures are not innate.
Posture! Classmate Edward is hospitalized. With a sad expression on his face, the teacher told the students that because of the foot disease, each of us should protect our bodies and keep the correct posture. Edward was very naughty, but he often made wrongly postures. Over time, his walking posture became more and more incorrect. One day, he was accidentally fell...
Understand different views! Believe in yourself, you will definitely be able to do many things through your own efforts, and their own will be able to do them well. However, what should your own do if your own are faced with completely different educational views? Participate in learning, ...
New ideas! Dad always talks endlessly, the early bird catches the worm. If their own want to get good grades in studies, should work hard early and so on. Andy always disagreed when he heard it. He even said loudly to his father: Dear Dad, there is also food for stupid birds!
The inevitable result! Hello, please accept my sincere apology! It is normal to do something wrong. Dare to face it calmly and apologize sincerely. Not only can you quickly resolve the embarrassing situation, but also gain understanding. This is the correct way of doing things that every kid must learn.
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