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Cultivate children have a good personality! For every parent, it is very important to cultivate children have a good personality. Although, many parents don't think so, they think that children's personality is innate, but it is not true, because children's personality is cultivated by the day after tomorrow.
Perfect combination! Children help each other and support each other, and they can often become a perfect combination, able to complete tasks that one child cannot complete, and have unexpected benefits for staying away from introversion mood and introverted behavior.
What should do if have troubles? John has already started to have troubles at a young age. Really, a lot of troubles happened to the child next door, John. So far, John was very worried, he was restless every day, and even couldn’t eat. The little friend Andy found out, and immediately found John, took his little hand, ran quickly, and kept talking, hurry up, we are late!
Bloom after the rain! When a thunderstorm strikes, the huge wind and fierce rainstorm will destroy everything mercilessly. However, after the thunderstorm, colorful rainbows hang high in the sky, and flowers bloom under the blowing, gently swaying, the graceful the posture is fascinating and full of reverie.
Show out confidence! Correct the posture brings children self-confidence, good health, learning progress, etc., endless benefits, can be said that will benefit a lot throughout children the life, arrange children to learn early, master the knowledge of correct the posture, and be able to consciously adjust their walking in time Posture, ...
Flying in the sky! Like the stars in the sky, create a healthy and happy world for children to grow up, help children learn the correct posture, knowledge of etiquette in a happy atmosphere etc., so that let children can show out the correctly behaves in daily life. Keep the correct walking posture, walk out of your own style, ...
Wonderful dream! Children grow up in happiness and have their own happy childhood, which is what every child desires. Childhood should be happy, full of beauty, with wonderful dreams, children longing to grow up every day, hoping to become a doctor, or a pilot, or a teacher, etc.
Have a great time! Nature always selflessly contributes a vibrant scene. Whenever spring comes, the flowers are in full bloom, the fragrance is tangy, the flowers are blooming, colorful, every child likes to be like a little bee, immersed in the ocean of flowers, singing and laughing happily, adding nice style to childhood, have a good time to the fullest.
Brand new environment! When children suddenly need to face a new and unfamiliar environment, they will inevitably feel fear, sometimes accompanied by rejection, which is very normal. Every parent must encourage children, don't be afraid, embrace the new environment with the mood you like, preconceived ideas are very important.
Innocent smile! It is easy for every child to show their own smile every day. Every child can use their own innocent smile to make themselves happy and infect others. Of course, every day, young children need to face different people and different things, some are happy, some are exciting, some are irritating, some are frustrating, some are irritating, etc.
The charm of chocolate! Children love chocolate, especially cartoon chocolate, which is delicious and fun. However, parents are very anxious, blindly thinking that the sugar content of chocolate is too high, children are easy to gain weight after eating, and it is not good for teeth, etc. Parents are afraid that chocolate will cause harm to children, and often refuse children to eat chocolate.
Enjoy the joy of growth! In the growth process of every innocent child, along with joy, pain, setback, success, etc., for every child, there are many tests and challenges to different degrees. Children must learn to arrange, help themselves, constantly and happily complete each small goal, through their own long-term and continuous efforts,...
Garfield's change! Love to eat and can't control it own craving for food, Garfield looks at own body more and more fat, every day and has made up his mind many times, but he still can't control his appetite when he sees food, Garfield shuould what do? One day, Garfield met the litter bunny, and after a happy conversation with the litter bunny...
Create happiness! It is easy for children to create joy on their own. Every day children their own can create happiness and create a very happy atmosphere. Because it is not difficult to create happiness, each child can create happiness by himself, smile with his own kindness, face other children...
Favorite! Whenever ask the children, what is their own favorite? There are various answers, but many children answered in unison: mobile phone. The mobile phone is the favorite of every child. The mobile phone has the latest stories, problem-solving methods, novel games, beautiful cartoon pictures, convenient contact with other children, ...
Are walking posture correctly? When it comes to walking posture, many people say that it is innate and cannot be changed, but it is not. Although each child walks posture in a different way, is the walking posture correct? The correct answer is: incorrect, there exist some wrong in the way walking posture.
Little secret! The little mantis has a little secret, and constantly uses his love to help everyone. One day, the little mantis was working, and suddenly heard some loud the noises, it followed the sound curiously and saw three little bees arguing, very lively, for a very small thing
Colorful! When spring comes, hundreds of flowers are in full bloom, the fragrance is fragrant, the flowers are blooming, the flowers are colorful, every child likes to be like a flower, like a little bee, immersed in the sea of ​​flowers, singing happily, laughing, for their own childhood, add style, and enjoy the good time to the fullest.
The sun is shining! Whenever the sun rises, it shows the sun shining like a beautiful sun jumping out of the water. The golden sun shines on the earth. The children are bathed in the warm sun, enjoying a new day and also a happy day, full of freshness, Joy, fraternity, ... Children should learn and master public speaking...
Polite apology! Why should children learn to apologize politely? Because it is often easy to quarrel with other children, do wrong things, etc. If you can apologize politely in time, you can get the forgiveness of other children and solve the problem smoothly. Polite apology is also an art that every children should learn.
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