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Brilliant laughter! The cute little turtle is lost. By the vast lake, the little turtle is crying sadly. He is lost and can't find his way home, what should do? The little red fish swam to the side of the little turtle and comforted him in a soft voice: Welcome little turtle, don't be sad, please stay and play with us,...
Friendship Boat! Happy laughter is echoing, making all the children very happy, because Amy and Nancy have reconciled as before, and the small gap between them is gone. They shake hands and hug each other in a friendly way. The children in the kindergarten clapped happily and applauded their behavior.
What should you do if you accidentally do something wrong? Every child is a happy little angel, caring and willing to help others. Like a beautiful and happy little angel, stretches out a little hands to help other children, even strangers whom he does not know. However, young children often do things wrong. What should you do if your own accidentally do something wrong?
Beautiful language! Language is an art. Children be able to speak beautiful language that pleases the listener, turning conversations into friendly exchanges and friendly transmissions, every child can do this. The contribution of beautiful language cannot be underestimated. Use beautiful words to encourage your own friends, use sweet smiles to applaud your friends for their efforts, use joy to drive away introversion, ...
Create happy laughter! It is very easy for young children to create their own happy laughter and has many benefits. Because happy laughter can immediately take away your own worries and replace them with happiness. Laughing happily often is an important thing that young children should do every day. Because laughter is also the pillar of survival.
Good personality! The baby bunny's ears stood up, then the baby bunny was fast running, because it heard its mother's call. However, as running as, the speed slowed down, and stopped running. Because the baby bunny long-term running posture was not correct, lead to hind legs were injured. When the mother rabbit saw the baby rabbit with an injured leg,...
Innocent and cute! Every child can create his own happy childhood, become a happy child and grow up healthily under the sunshine and rain. Many parents show excessive concern about their children's behavior and make various demands. As a result, many children appear to be submissive, ...
The wish! Today I am Snow White. Like beautiful, their own put on a white dress. Under the attention of the children, one's own take light steps, like the Snow White in my dream, showing on the stage... This is what many children do their wishes. Every parent should create and provide a good environment for their children,...
Smiling faces! Facing a new environment and meeting new faces you have never met before, smile and say: Hello, new friend, please applaud our acquaintance! Instantly get the other person's smiling face and friendly behavior. Although there is a temporary language barrier, the innocent childlike innocence attracts new friends...
Best way! The beautiful sun jumps out of the water, and the golden sunshine shines on the earth. The children are bathed in the warm sunshine, enjoying a new and happy day, full of freshness, joy, friendship, and fraternity. Especially for children who are facing a strange environment, smiling is the best way.
Eat out the health! If we can actively educate and train children to protect their own health, every day to create happiness, and eliminate excess fat, sugar, etc. in their bodies in a timely manner, we can ensure that children enjoy chocolate and eat out the health. Children all love chocolate, especially cartoon chocolate, which is delicious and fun.
The songs were loud and clear! The little pine tree grows happily in the sun. It plays with good friends and cute little squirrels every day, the little pine tree is healthy and happy to grow. Whenever the sun comes out, its brilliant light shines on everything, covering the earth. The thick snow is melting, and the ice needles on the small pine trees are also dripping....
Physical health is the most important thing! Children who are in good health are full of strength, cleverness, and can freely participate in the correct education and thrive. Facts also give profound enlightenment: the most important thing is to ensure children's health.
Enjoy your own growth process! Every child's growth is full of happiness, mischief, dreams, sadness, etc. Can children happily enjoy their own growth process? The growth process of children, every child is different, but sometimes they are similar, similar to meet fail, shedding sad tears, elation for get small success, ...
Own ideal! Every child has his own dream, longing for his dream to come true. This is not a dream, enrich your own ideal with knowledge. As long as the children work hard on their own, one day their own dreams will come true. In order to realize their dreams, children must work hard to learn knowledge, enrich their dreams with knowledge,...
Laughter to face the difficult! What should children do if they encounter difficulties? Whenever encountering difficulties, often because of grievances, children can't help shedding tears, or fear, and often have shrinking thinking. These are all negative behaviors of children and are not advisable.
The fragrance of flowers! The little bee is very naughty. When the mother asks the little bee to work with the older brothers and sisters, the little bee always blinks mischievously, and then happily participates in collecting honey. In spring, a hundred flowers are blooming, groups of bees are collecting honey happily, the fragrance of flowers is exuding in the air, ...
Thank you for your help! To politely thank other children for their help, or to politely decline the help of others, is a skill that every child should learn and master. Thanks for your help, but I was able to do it myself! Thank others politely for their help, learn to do things by yourself, learn to be self-reliant from an early age, study hard,...
The psychology of fear! Children often appear fearful, why? Because of the children’s own living environment, many children are little masters at home, dare to speak, dare to think, and dare to do. But once they leave home, they are like a different person.
Straightforward performance! Show children's frank performances, learn to actively integrate into children, enjoy happiness, consciously stay away from introverted thinks, behaviors. Create and provide a good environment for young children, learn to perform, improve personal qualities, temperament, expressive ability, etiquette, watching, learning, speaking, performing language skills, etc.
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