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Enlightenment! All healthy children are full of power, smart, participate in the correct education, and thrive. Facts give profound enlightenment, so that children can give full play to their thinking, learn to show themselves, focus on children's characteristics, and discover children The advantages of this...
Enjoy your own growth! Every child's growth is full of happiness, mischief, dreams, sadness, etc. Can child enjoy your own growth happily? In the process of growing up, every child is different, but sometimes similar, shed sad tears for failure, elated for small success, made an awkward with friends, and I am embarrassed to say sorry, etc.
Constant effort! Every child has his own dreams and longs for their dreams to come true. This is not a dream. As long as the children work hard on their own, one day their own dreams will come true. In order to realize their dreams, children need work hard to learn knowledge, enrich their ideals with knowledge, perfect their dreams, and improve themselves.
Let the smile take away the sadness! When encountering unhappy things, sad tears flowed down face. It's not worth it, why should your own be sad? Let smile wipe away the tears. What to do when children encounter difficulties, often because of grievances, they can't help but shed tears, let the tears take away their own unhappiness...
Happy little bee! The little bee is very naughty. When the mother asks the little bee to work with his old brother and sisters, the little bee always blinks playfully, and then happily participates in the honey gathering. In spring, hundreds of flowers bloom, swarms of bees are happily collecting nectar, the fragrance of flowers is
Thank you for your help, but I can do it! Thank others politely for their help, to learn your own things and do it yourself, learn to be self-reliant from an early age, study hard, learn new knowledge constantly, and continuously improve; Living in happiness, thanking others for help in beautiful language, constantly learning new knowledge...
Why are afraid! Because of the children's living environment, many children are indomitable little heroes at home, dare to speak, dare to think, dare to do; but once they leave the house, it is almost like to change a different person. Sometime, because the children are obese, and they are often suffering other children to laughing, over time, dare not speak in front of the classmates, afraid.
Smile! Beautiful children are smiling happily, enjoying food happily, and can use their favorite methods in joy to prevent obesity, stay away from introversion mood, etc.; To enjoy a happy childhood, because childhood should be happy, full of one's own beautiful, wonderful dreams, longing to grow up
Beautiful smile! A new classmate came to the class. After a brief introduction by the teacher, he walked to the middle of classroom, waved his hand, and showed a beautiful smile on his face. After the class, the classmates were all curiously gathered around his seat before, chatted with him, the new classmates did not have stage fright...
Apologize! The art of apology should be learned. For a little bit of things, Andy and Mike quarreled again. Under the mediation of Teacher Jones, the two sides shook hands and made peace, and played together happily. Although, it is said that children’s quarrels are commonplace, but don’t think it can be underestimated, contempt.
The benefits of food! When it comes to food, children are greedy and drooling, but parents often use many excuses to refuse unconditionally, which is actually counterproductive! Enjoy food and stay away from obesity. Children love to eat modern food, fast food, but many parents disagree, they consider junk food, will hurt child the health. However, modern food does have many advantages...
The dream! Every child has their own beautiful dream. What is your dream? In order to realize their own dreams, every child starts to hard slowly from an early age. Starting from every small thing, pays his own actions to realize his beautiful dreams, accompanied by difficulties, failures, joys, frustration, benefit and etc.
Set off each other! The safflower and the green leaves complement each other, and neither the safflower nor the green leaves are perfect. Every child needs the help of other children, and can also help other children. Cultivating child has a good personality is very important. Because children’s young minds are difficult to face the tense rhythm of learning and life...
Deep enlightenment! Healthy children, all full of power, smart, participate in the correct education, grow up sturdily, let the children give full play to their thinking, learn to show themselves, focus on the children’s characteristics, discover the children’s strengths, and give them the correct guidance. It is what every good parent should master.
Lele's troubles! At a young age, troubles have begun to appear? Really, it happened to the Lele child next door. So far, Lele was so worried and couldn't eat. Little friend Andy found out, he immediately found Lele, took Lele’s little hand, ran quickly, and kept said about it, hurry up, hurry up, we're late!
Flower Fairy brings joy! The flowers bloom after the rain, under the blowing of the morning breeze, gently shaking, graceful posture, fascinating, and imaginative, the colorful flowers bloom in the sun, giving the earth fragrance. Children like flowers , among the hundreds and thousand of flowers in the mountains and plains, happily enjoy the fragrance, sweetness and joy of the flowers.
Healthy and happy growth! The comprehensive quality of children is very important, it will affect the child's life; it is necessary to improve the comprehensive quality of children, so that children can master themselves to create a healthy environment, grow happily, enjoy to slowly learn, etc.;
Dandelion is smiling, spring is coming! Earth is changing dress, greenery, everywhere exudes a strong spring, beautiful spring, brings warm spring breeze to the children, spring rain, flowers blooming... Participate in learn the performance, improve personal quality, temperament, expression ability, etiquette , see, speak, language skills, etc.
The secret of little sister of butterfly! Butterflies are dancing in the sea of flowers, showing their colorful wings, under the shining of the sun, forming a colorful and beautiful scenery. Suddenly, the butterflies discovered that the lovely butterfly little sister was gone. All the butterflies were very anxious. They searched separately, but none of them were found, what should do?
Brand new environment! When faced with a new and unfamiliar environment, it is very important to encourage the children to use the mood I like, preconceived. When faced with a brand new environment, there are challenges everywhere for children. Similar to: new teachers, new classmates, new environments, even new languages, etc.
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