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Warmth! As long as everyone gives their love, the world will be full of warmth. Every teenager should understand this truth and be able to help those in need within his capacity. This is the philosophy of life and the conscience of survival.
A kind smile! Can show your own a kind smile? Many teenagers shook their heads and admitted frankly that they couldn't do it themselves! The reason is very simple, their own can laugh, but can't do a kind smile. A kind smile can ease the tense atmosphere, and a kind smile is the best catalyst to resolve the tension between classmates,...
Be wary of outrageous ideas! It is the responsibility of every student to complete homework conscientiously. Students should focus on learning. Only through their own efforts, consciously, completing homework on time, and constantly mastering knowledge is very important.
A new day! Every morning is the beginning of a new day. Every teenager can do it, with a happy mood, welcome the beginning of the new day, sort out our thoughts, let go of yesterday's burdens, forget yesterday's troubles, and start a new day full of vigor!
Smile power! Many teenagers love to laugh, but there are also many teenagers who don't like to laugh. Smiling is the instinct of every teenager, and it is a beautiful behavior to always show their bright smile. Because smiling can give oneself strength, self-confidence, encourage oneself to overcome difficulties, continue to work hard in adversity, achieve success.
The big stage of life! Teenagers stand on the big stage of life every day and show their own performances. Many teenagers like to freely express their remarks, opinions, ideas, etc. frequently, but most teenagers always hope that their speeches, opinions, etc., can be warmly welcomed by applause.
Become a wise! On the way of growing up, every teenager will encounter many difficulties, how to deal with them? The correct way is: Face difficulties with your own bright smile, and solve difficulties with your own wisdom. Although, in the face of difficulties, it is inevitable to shed tears of sadness and grievance.
The flowers are blooming! When wait the flowers are in full bloom, she laughs in the bushes, helps others with her selfless fraternity, smiles with her kindness, encourages friends. The dream of 100 points and excellent grades is the dream of many teenagers and parents, and it is also the pressure of many teenagers, ...
Believe in your own! Whenever teens are asked: Do you believe in yourself? However, many teens don't know how to answer. But often many teenagers are constantly complaining, peers do not believe in themselves, teachers do not believe in themselves and so on.
Failure is not terrible! Show yourself, be proud of your failures, find out the reasons for failure with wisdom, meet success, study hard, enjoy life, etc., and master the charm of showing your our in a timely and appropriate manner. Teen learn creates a good environment by themselves and learn the right way of think, learn to perform, ...
Dry your tears! Failed, and failed again, and I couldn't help shedding tears of grievance... However, all know that failure is the mother of success. However, in reality, it is difficult for teenagers to be able to treat failure happily! Failure is an opportunity, for successful people, without failure, there is no success! To be proud of failure, to meet success, ...
Are afraid of stress? Stress is everywhere, and it is very important that teenagers can release their own stress. It is the dream of many teenagers and parents that teenagers work hard to be good students and get excellent grades, but it also increases pressure for many teenagers, how to face it? Learn to think correctly, learn to act, ...
Vibrant! Flowers under the sun are full of vigor and vitality, bathed in sunshine and rain, and thrive. The teen are full of passion, youthful bloom, personal charm, and the most incisive and vivid display of youth's responsibility, encourage yourself to enjoy life in happiness, study, avoid obesity, gain happy, be healthy, and with your own laughter to warm the world .
The power! Happiness is the driving force for teen to keep climbing in the process of growing up! Teenagers learn and master the correct modern knowledge to protect their own health, can create their own happiness, can enjoy their own joy. Teenagers should not envy the happy of others...
Pressure and motivation! Modern teen face more and more pressure every day, and they are often troubled by pressure. If you can change your own mindset and turn the pressure you face into motivation, the situation will be greatly improved. Stress is also the driving force for teen the progress.
The true the master! Become the true master of their own health in happiness, every teenager can do, learn, master the correct modern knowledge to protect their own health, enjoy food, stay away from obesity, and gain health in joy.
The chest mind of the ocean! The endless sea, showing a broad mind, gives mankind infinite help. Learn from the sea, help others with selfless fraternity heart, learn the correct modern knowledge of protecting one's own health, learn the correct modern knowledge of protecting the health of others,
Do you believe yourself? Many teenagers are complaining that their friend do not believe in themselves and the teacher does not believe in themselves, but the key point is that they do not believe in themselves!
Let the troubles go with the wind! Every day, will naturally encounter all kinds of troubles, difficult problems to solve, irritating, lingering troubles, and always appear in front of teen eyes. What should teen do?
Dancing out of own human life! Appropriately show yourself, good psychological quality, healthy physical fitness, excellent learning ability, elegant conversation, and your own comprehensive temperament are needed for every teenager.
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