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Feet pedal the actual! Take a look at oneself, are doing something that is mediocre? Similar to: Set outrageous goals, naively expect a pie from the sky, always aim high, and of course the result is a bamboo basket to draw water - all empty... In real life, there are too many such people, ... Jun. 1, 2023 Start Register
Youth forever! In the early morning, a red sun rises slowly from the horizon, illuminating the earth, everything is radiant, the sun is beautiful and blooming freely. Everyone hopes their own the youth forever, but in fact it is an unattainable goal. Because of the laws of nature, even using various methods is in vain. May 1, 2023 Start Register
Bathed in sunshine! Nature is always very generous and selfless to us: sunshine, rain and dew etc., create a beautiful environment for us. The spring rains, the spring breeze, the green scenery in the spring, the beauty of spring are inseparable from the dedication of the unknown grasses. Apr. 1, 2023 Start Register
Health - especially important! More and more people, suffering from various diseases, died at a young age, leaving infinite grief, which is a pity. When people are terminally ill, there is often a scene of nostalgia for their health. They are so youthful and full of vigor, when can't help but shed sad tears when their own are afflicted by diseases. Therefore, it is especially important to cherish health! Mar. 1, 2023 Start Register
How to deal with difficulties! There are too many difficulties, and they are always around their own, often affecting their own mood, becoming irritable, having a bad attitude, etc. Can you be proud for overcame the difficulty? In the face of endless difficulties, often bring yourself a lot of troubles,... Feb. 1, 2023 Start Register
Clever arrangement! Many people are always complaining that they are very active in losing weight, but there are always unexpected emergencies that disrupt their own plans, similar to: Often appears dinner with good friends, the dinner with good friends just ended, ... Jan. 1, 2023 Start Register
Avoid double chins! The appearance of double chin affects the appearance and makes many people hate it. Double chin brings trouble to many people, not only affects the appearance, but also causes many diseases. As we all know, the most important thing in life is health! So must embrace health! Dec. 1, 2022 Start Register
My health I am responsible ! Health is really worth cherishing for everyone. Health is everyone's capital. But many people disagree and are hurting their own health every day. No matter how much money there is, for those who lose their own health, own will surely due to disease and passed away! Nov. 1, 2022 Start Register
Happy life! Everyone's life, can create a happy life by their own. As the saying goes: Life is like a dream. Own hard work can make your own dreams come true. Show your style, show your gestures, be elegant and noble, and let yourself perform and show out on the big stage of life. Oct. 1, 2022 Start Register
Stay away from cancer! Everyone can happily say to cancer: please stay away from me, this is not a dream, everyone can do it. A healthy body is what everyone desires, it is not difficult, learn Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for office workers and leisure people to avoid cancer...Sep. 1, 2022 Start Register
As boundless as the sea and sky! As the saying goes: As boundless as the sea and sky. Everyone knows that taking a step back will as boundless as the sea and sky. However, when it is your own turn, will forget about it, and you will still be worried about it, and even doubt your own ability. Aug. 1, 2022 Start Register
The nice sleep! Sleep is very important. When you have a good sleep, the human body will be refreshed, energetic, improve work efficiency, maintain good interpersonal relationships, etc., and there are many benefits. On the contrary, poor sleep, during the day always want to sleep, lack of energy , bad temper, inefficiency at work, etc. Jul. 1, 2022 Start Register
Who moved my cheese? Don't worry too much, because it's yours and no one can take it away! Can you do it, enjoy the joy in the ordinary? Many people complain about do the same thing every day, do many things repeatedly, and feel bored. Jun. 1, 2022 Start Register
Announcing to cancer in a elegant and unconventional manner, goodbye! Cancer, in people's conversation, often causes fear and tension. If they learn that they have unfortunately contracted cancer, many people will inevitably panic and lose everything, as if the end of the world is coming. May 1, 2022 Start Register
The moon is full will deficit! As the saying goes: When the water is full, will overflows, and the moon is full will deficit. In the struggle of life, everyone should keep it in mind. However, many people understand in their hearts that when they encounter specific things, they suddenly forget it. It is called...Apr. 1, 2022 Start Register
Have no-nothing! In the eyes of many people, it has nothing to do with their own, because of their own years of hard work, they can't be said to be rich, but it is more than enough to ensure that their own and their family have enough food and clothing. However, there are countless facts before their own. Mar. 1, 2022 Start Register
Joyful laughter! Create joyful always in your own heart, especially when your own feel very depressed, or very helpless, learn music, poems, recite and perform education, create by myself, inspire myself with joyful laughter, and infect others, cherish the good life, forget your own worries, and enjoy life with tolerance. Feb. 1, 2022 Start Register
Responsible for health! You must be responsible for your own health! Health is really worth cherishing by everyone, because health is your own capital; Many people disagree, unknowingly, they are hurting their health every day. However, no matter how much money there is, will be waited painful and death for those who lose their health! Jan. 1, 2022 Start Register
Nothing! When facing the call of death, everyone is equal and will reach the end of life, so it is very important to cherish the present! Sub-health, unhealthy, disease, or terminal illness does not occur suddenly, but gradually forms. Starting from a certain part of the body, it is similar to the appearance of a bow-legs, or a general's belly, or weight gain and so on. Dec. 1, 2021 Start Register
Should be remembered truth! Everyone must protect your own health. The heartfelt words come from the loved ones who are about to leave us due to illness, are very precious. Overdraft money is a debt, whether it is an individual or a company, everyone knows the outcome... Nov. 1, 2021 Start Register
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