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Confidence! Can your own show your own confidence with a smile? Many kids shook their heads, expressing that they couldn't do it. It doesn't matter, start studying now and work hard to do it, because it is very important for every kid to show their self-confidence with a smile!
Good time! Study hard, devote yourself seriously, don't shrink back when your own encounter difficulties, and welcome the good times. Kids the every day is a happy day, full of anticipation, longing, always eager for something amazing to happen. But daily life is always ordinary, plain and dull..
Make out the best! People like to compare the most, and they call it “there is comparison and identification, but everything has its unique particularity, so the results will be different. If comparisons are made indiscriminately, the results must be unsatisfactory, so forming the vain and unusual...
Beautiful life! For every kid, maintaining their own health is the most important thing. Because, when you have health, you will have a beautiful life. As the saying goes: Send the roses to others and leave a lingering fragrance to their own hand! Kids should learn to make good use of their own smiles, ...
Curiosity! Many kids have curiosity and are interested in everything. Of course, it is indisputable that curiosity is the nature of kids. When kids face the big world, have endless questions, which is very normal. Seriously guide and train kids to fill their brains with correct knowledge,
Make sufficient preparation! Welcome the new living environment and learning environment with a happy mood. No matter whether the new environmental conditions are good or bad, make full preparations, happily enjoy the surprises one by one, experience everything in the new life,
Happy laughter! In early winter, the sun is still rising every day, but the strong north wind swept away the warmth of the earth, and even the lovely and amiable sister water was frozen and lost her old smile, the brother electric was blown off by the strong wind.
Respect others! The friendship between kids is like the weather in spring. It is sunny just now, and then it turns into a storm. It is often fickle and unpredictable. It is very difficult to control, because kids lack tolerance. Therefore, learning to tolerate the shortcomings of other kids is a knowledge that every kid should learn, ...
Learn tolerant! Sudden incidents often occur between kids, and sometimes even unbelievable things happen. Kids need to be fully tolerant of their own friends. Therefore, each kid must learn to tolerate others, be kind to other kid’s sudden disorders, and timely give help.
Take action! Tom was very gluttonous, had a surprisingly good appetite, and over time became obese. Some classmates secretly call Tom behind his back - little fat man, when Tom heard it, he was very angry, he didn't understand why?
The power of unity! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their seats, but gathered together uncharacteristically, discussing a math problem attentively, as if they were having a very serious discussion. There is no specific moderator, each student listens to the analysis of other students in an orderly
The charm of a smile! Whenever kids are asked: Can smile? Kids find it strange, that people are born with the ability to smile, and everyone can. However, why some children's smiles can infect others, get praise, or thanks, but some kid's smiles are hated by other kids, think are fake smiles, and are even mistaken for ridicule and so on.
Happy life! Starting a happy life for kid is an easy goal to achieve. Every kid can do it, learn, master their own to create happiness, and gain friendship, and happiness. Kids use their own actions to bring joy to themselves and others, help each other, create a happy childhood, and enjoy a happy childhood;
Are you happy? do you know? Happiness is a very simple thing! Smile, show one's own temperament, learn to create happiness by oneself, master timely elimination of one's troubles, introverted behavior, happily tolerate the shortcomings of other friends, etc.
Friendship! Kid's friendship often starts with a smile! Kid often asked: Can you smile? It is strange that kids are born with the ability to smile, but why some kid's smiles can infect others, get praise, or thanks, but, there are some kid's smile is annoying?
The adventure! The smart and cute Smurfs have started a new action, the adventure of the Smurfs, and they are ready to explore in the deep mountains and old forests. Because of the long distance, many young Smurfs cannot participate, unless they can ensure that they will not be left behind. ...
Take control of your own life with ease! On the big stage of life, your own is the host; a smile will show your own self-confidence, friendship will reflect your own wisdom, use kind words to talk with other friends, and use your friendly actions to convey happiness and mastery the correct modern knowledge to stay away from obesity, ...
Action out! Little fat man, the classmates shouted secretly behind Tom's back, Tom was very angry, frustrated, why? Jenny is Tom's neighbor and good friend. Seeing Tom's listless appearance every day, she is very take care for Tom. Jenny reminds Tom that being negative is hurting himself and hurting the friendship of his classmates...
Helping each other! 1+1=3, unity is strength! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their own seats, but gathered together uncharacteristically to discuss a math problem. There was no moderator, but each student listened to the analysis of other students in an orderly and patient manner,
Stupid birds have food to eat! Daddy bird is very angry when he sees the little bird playing every day. In his eyes, the little bird is naughty and doesn't like to learn, will have no food in the future. Therefore, the bird's father talks to the little bird very seriously, but the little bird is also very serious said with a smile: Dear father, ...
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