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Take control of your own life with ease! On the big stage of life, your own is the host; a smile will show your own self-confidence, friendship will reflect your own wisdom, use kind words to talk with other friends, and use your friendly actions to convey happiness and mastery the correct modern knowledge to stay away from obesity, ...
Action out! Little fat man, the classmates shouted secretly behind Tom's back, Tom was very angry, frustrated, why? Jenny is Tom's neighbor and good friend. Seeing Tom's listless appearance every day, she is very take care for Tom. Jenny reminds Tom that being negative is hurting himself and hurting the friendship of his classmates...
Helping each other! 1+1=3, unity is strength! In the self-study class, the students did not sit in their own seats, but gathered together uncharacteristically to discuss a math problem. There was no moderator, but each student listened to the analysis of other students in an orderly and patient manner,
Stupid birds have food to eat! Daddy bird is very angry when he sees the little bird playing every day. In his eyes, the little bird is naughty and doesn't like to learn, will have no food in the future. Therefore, the bird's father talks to the little bird very seriously, but the little bird is also very serious said with a smile: Dear father, ...
Flying in the wind! The grass is green, happily flying in the wind, showing a graceful posture, and laughter. Happy kids always go with joy, face difficulties with a smile, and can study hard.
Upset! At a young age, have troubles, worrying about unsatisfactory exam results, quarreling with classmates at the next table over a book, and so on. Learn to take away your own worries with joyful laughter, the laughter from the heart infects oneself, and in happiness
A meeting of heroes in the forest! The lions are holding a gathering of heroes in the forest. Such a grand meeting has not been held for many years. All the animals rushed out and to the meeting place.
Say goodbye to setbacks! Say goodbye to setbacks in joy, what is worth worrying about? Every kid will encounter all kinds of setbacks and failures. If the kids have worry because of the setbacks or failures, they will automatically give up many opportunities to overcome the setbacks and failures.
Passing on friendship! There are many ways to pass on friendship. The best and easiest way to pass on friendship should be a kind smile. Every kid should learn, use their own kind smile to convey friendship...
Fly, little eagle! The growth of the little eagle is special, full of wonderful processes, especially in the end, the mother eagle pushes the little eagle down, letting the little eagle descend directly and quickly from high altitude under the action of gravity and the gravity of the earth, and then spread its wings and be free in the sky.
Free sky! Freedom is what every kid longs for, dreaming of being able to swim in the free sky. It is the nature of kids to be naughty and to like to play, love to surf the internet, especially using mobile phones, often forget the time. Kids learn to arrange their spare time reasonably, make full use of online learning resources...
Host! Your own happy life should be hosted by yourself. On the big stage of life, one's own life should be presided over by oneself. Smile to show kid own self-confidence, friendship reflects kid own wisdom, use kind language, talk with other friends, use friendly actions, convey happiness, master yourself the correct modern technology to stay away from obesity
Happy to everyone! It is a very extravagant thing for the whole family to move to a new environment, and it is beyond expectation! However, in view of the specific conditions and various conditions of the new environment, it is very necessary to arrange the corresponding methods and measures in advance, especially if there are kids at home, and kid the adaptation to the new environment urgently needs a smooth transitional stage.
Open your heart! Many kids do not like to talk, they often have introverted behaviors, an introverted mentality, and parents worry about their kids the introversion and so on. It doesn't matter, because the joy is a very simple thing. Let the kids show their bright smile, youthful temperament, learn to create happiness by themselves, master the timely elimination of their worries...
Small goal! Every kid has your own small goals in your own heart, and is eager to realize your own small goals in joy. In fact, these humble small goals are very easy to achieve and can be achieved. Every day, whenever kid get to complete a small goal, will bring joy and confidence to oneself, add sunshine to your own ordinary and boring life,
The curious! Many kids have curiosity and are interested in everything. Of course, it is indisputable that curiosity is the nature of kids. When kids face the vast world, there are endless problems, which is a very normal phenomenon. Carefully guide, train kids to enrich their brains with correct knowledge...
Enjoy modern food! Modern food has been given many bad names, similar to: junk food, fried food, etc., which have given people a very bad impression. However, modern food has endless appeal to kids. It is sweet and sour and has endless aftertastes. Compared with the nutritious meals in schools, it is not known how many times better, and kids love it.
Perseverance! Every kid should have a little perseverance. The ambition and ideal are far away for kids, but it is achievable to develop a little perseverance gradually. Eating snacks, gaining weight quickly, affecting kid the health, reducing learning efficiency, are contradictions that kids need to face
Selfless help! In a blink of an eye, four years passed, Amy came to a foreign country, and the enthusiastic help of new friends made Amy feels that warmth as like spring every day. Many things moved her, the smiles of the students, the encouragement, and the selfless help.
Thanksgiving! In early winter one day, the sun is still rising, but the strong north wind swept out the warmth of the earth. Even the lovely water sister was frozen and lost her previous smile; the electric brother was blown off by the gale, the classroom is dark...
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