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Smiling faces! Facing a new environment and meeting new faces you have never met before, smile and say: Hello, new friend, please applaud our acquaintance! Instantly get the other person's smiling face and friendly behavior.
The songs were loud and clear! The little pine tree grows happily in the sun. It plays with good friends and cute little squirrels every day, the little pine tree is healthy and happy to grow. Whenever the sun comes out, its brilliant light shines on everything, covering the earth.
The little turtle got lost! By the vast lake, the little turtle is crying sadly, what to do, I'm lost, I can't find my way home, I can't see my mother... Hearing the cry of the little turtle, the enthusiastic little red fish swims immediately Going to the little turtle's side, comforted the little turtle in a soft voice: You are welcome to stay and play with us, everyone likes you,...
The fragrant Miles! When the storm comes, it also brings lightning and thunder, violent wind and rain, mercilessly destroying all beautiful things. However, after the storm passed, the roses began to dance against the wind again, dancing in various poses. After the rain, the brave roses smiled and bloomed in the sun again,
Simple the skill! Smile conveys the friendship of children. In the laughter stay away from introverted behavior, encourage yourself with happiness, bravely face your own shortcomings, and correct them in time. Every child should learn, master these simple skills, and enjoy their happy childhood.
Backfired! When it comes to food, many children drool with greed. When children see food, they will inevitably gobble it up. However, the behavior of children is often unconditionally rejected by parents with many excuses, which is actually counterproductive!
Enjoy your own growth process! Every child's growth is full of happiness, mischief, dreams, sadness, etc. Can children happily enjoy their own growth process? The growth process of children, every child is different, but sometimes they are similar, similar to meet fail, shedding sad tears, elation for get small success,
Picky eating is a bad habit! Many children have the habit of being picky eaters, and picky eaters for various reasons. In fact, picky eating is a bad habit of life. Children who suffer from the bad habit of picky eating have virtually lost the opportunity to obtain a lot of nutrition. Over time, are prone to illness.
Enjoy your own growth! Although every child's childhood is different, they can all feel that their childhood was happy, full of love, and grew up healthily in a happy environment. Can young children enjoy their growth happily? For each child, your own growth process is different from other children, but there are some similarities.
Introversion is a bad habit! The introversion mentality and introverted behavior of children are formed gradually, and they are bad habits that should be corrected early. However, face for children has introverted mental and introverted behavior, many parents can't help but shown out a very anxious state of mind.
Crack! I don't know when the friendship between the red flower and the green leaf began to crack. One day, they started to quarrel again, and the red flower roared loudly, "I am a red flower, colorful, attracting the eyes of the children... After hearing this, the green leaf was very unconvinced, and replied coldly, ...
Wonderful dream! Children grow up in happiness and have their own happy childhood, which is what every child desires. Childhood should be happy, full of beauty, with wonderful dreams, children longing to grow up every day, hoping to become a doctor, or a pilot, or a teacher, etc.
Innocent smile! It is easy for every child to show their own smile every day. Every child can use their own innocent smile to make themselves happy and infect others. Of course, every day, young children need to face different people and different things,
Harvest season! Spring work hard, harvest in autumn. It's the annual harvest season again, the apple tree is full of big apples, many branches are bent by apples, many apples are guessing where they will go this year, the apples are looking forward to a bright future, the apples the laughter come one after another!
Courage to take on! Children often encounter difficulties and setbacks, how to deal with them? Every child should learn to laugh toward at difficulties, have the courage to take responsibility, face their own mistakes, have the courage to take responsibility, make corrections quickly, etc., to create good conditions for their own progress, ...
Present yourself! Under the sun, the beautiful and cute little goldfish is swimming happily, glowing with golden light, shining from time to time, and getting more and more children's cheers, applause and praise voice. The little goldfish seemed to understand the enthusiastic cheers of the children, ...
Obey the rules! The hot summer is here, the beautiful and cool swimming pool attracts the children, how wonderful, you can float on the water, you can also shuttle in the water like a fish, you can also learn to dive, it's a lot of fun, but the teacher is very serious teach every child: obey the discipline,
Help! The growth of the brave little sparrow is not smooth sailing. April day, still so cold, the howling north wind is biting, suddenly, the little sparrow was by the strong wind, and dropped into the grass, it desperately called for its mother, but the weak voice was covered by the howling north wind,
Good friend! I don't know since when, little Amy has become a good friend of little squirrel, and friendship is built on mutual trust between each other. Every day, little Amy brings delicious pine cones and various nuts to the little squirrel, hoping that the little squirrel can grow up as soon as possible.
Spread wings fly high! The little eagle is very envious of the eagle brother and the eagle sisters, because all of them have the ability, in the blue sky, spread their wings and fly, draw the sun for a while, show the mountains for a while..., very beautiful , the little eagle couldn't wait to ask Brother Ying, when will he be able to fly into the blue sky?!
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