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Resolve contradictions! There is a kind smile on face, although the language is not fluent, uses kind body language to resolve the contradiction between the two sides. Because smiling eyes full of kindness convey confidence and strength. Quarrels, frustrations, for some trivial things, often unpleasant... Jun. 1, 2022 Start Register
Thanksgiving! The annual Thanksgiving Day is approaching, and the students are extremely excited, learn to be grateful, use their own gratitude language, gratitude smile, gratitude body language, thank others for their little help, and help themselves create happiness and spend a time, an ordinary day. May 1, 2022 Start Register
Give yourself strength! Young people are extremely curious, full of great curiosity about everything, eager to try, full of confidence, and able to do well, but often because of insufficient preparation, they lose out and suddenly become frustrated. Teenagers should believe in themselves. It is not enough to be curious about new things. Apr. 1, 2022 Start Register
Laugh proudly to difficult! Facing of difficulties, can do laugh to difficult and enjoy frustration? Every teenager can do it! Because if teen can study earnestly and continuously improve, you will surely be able to overcome setbacks and difficulties. Mar. 1, 2022 Start Register
Thanks for the help! Hello, classmates, thanks for the help. Being polite and showing the right style is very important. In the process of growing up, young people will always encounter various difficulties and setbacks, often panic, loss of confidence, etc., which is very normal. Feb. 1, 2022 Start Register
Everybody is good for something! Ten fingers stretched out, both long and short, but ingeniously combined, they become everyone's dexterous hands, which can perform huge functions and change the world, even the humble little finger, which also has unique functions. Jan. 1, 2022 Start Register
Enjoy difficulties, the sun releases warmth, friendship gives care, what are still hesitating? embrace the sun, overcome difficulties, stay away from loneliness, use selfless fraternity, meet new friends, integrate into the new environment, learn in happiness, and live in friendship. Dec. 1, 2021 Start Register
Opportunity! Looking for opportunities? Teenagers are often complaining, not having a chance. However, even when opportunity around own side they are not seized! It’s the idea of many aspiring teen who think they are too smart, but no one wants to listen. No one wants to follow their own ideas, and people always treat teen good ideas as rubbish... Nov. 1, 2021 Start Register
Looking to the future! Expand your own horizons, aim at the world stage, and look forward to your future. What is your own future like? What are your own expectations? What is the stage for teenagers? What is your own suitable the stage? Every teen should ask himself, choose your own the stage the desires... Oct. 1, 2021 Start Register
Selfless dedication! What to do if you encounter difficult? Every teen should help each other. Extend our hands and hold them tightly together, they can be connected into a beautiful circle, or they can be transformed into garlands of different sizes. Although both sides are selfless dedication, we all gain each other’s warmth... Sep. 1, 2021 Start Register
Be the best you can be! Every teen has his own dream. In order to realize his ideal, he studies hard and constantly challenges himself. What is the most important thing when preparing to study in the United States? ! Many teenagers put up a lot of things, but they only forgot about themselves. The fact is that when arrive in an unfamiliar environment, the most important thing is that your own can smoothly integrate into the new living environment. Aug. 1, 2021 Start Register
Broaden your horizons! Faced with a fast-developing world, teen need continuous learning to keep up with the progress of the times. Learning advanced knowledge, mastering quintessential technology, adapting to the rapid development of modern mankind, has presented themes before teen... Jul. 1, 2021 Start Register
Lay down your burden! Quarreling, angry for some trivial things, often unpleasant, this is very common among teenagers, after the fact, it is not worth it, but because of face, no one is willing to take the first step of reconciliation... Please lay down your burdens happily. This is what every teenager should learn... Jun. 1, 2021 Start Register
Colorful big balloons! Joyful singing echoed in the classroom, and happy laughter kept coming to the ears. The students were showing their abilities and adding a happy atmosphere to the festival. Suddenly, colorful balloons floated around the classroom, and joy reached a new height. May 1, 2021 Start Register
Failure is the mother of success! The experiment failed again, and tears of grievance flowed out involuntarily. Everyone was very frustrated, stressed, and helpless. Although the teacher praised the classmates, the preparation work was very good, but there were shortcomings in the steps... Apr. 1, 2021 Start Register
Unforgettable day! Why are the students happy, including because of their prejudices, they do not talk to each other when they meet, and the opponents who frequently conduct theories or debates are able to shake hands and celebrate together. Mar. 1, 2021 Start Register
Colorful rainbow! Lightning and thunder, violent storms, impacting the earth, destroying everything... Persistence is victory, with your own perseverance, determination , smile to face difficulties, overcome difficulties, and meet the rainbow after the storm, gorgeous and dazzling. Feb. 1, 2021 Start Register
My future! Today I am inconspicuous, but my perseverance is my greatest strength. I love learning and I am enthusiastic about participating in charity activities. Of course I can share laughter, difficulties, progress with students of different personalities... Jan. 1, 2021 Start Register
Like an eagle, fly freely in the vast sky! Bravely moving forward, not afraid of difficulties, defying setbacks, constantly correcting the direction of progress, correcting your own shortcomings, using your own kind smile, welcoming tomorrow, embracing success ... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
Everywhere is full of life, full of hope... There is soil in the pastoral, everything grows, under the care of the sun and rain, green grass, green trees, flowers bloom, colorful; Participate in teenagers targeted for American study abroad comprehensive education, share the joy of studying abroad... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
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