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Put down the burden! The quality of life is created by oneself. A happy life can help one's body gain health. On the contrary, unhappy life will hurt one's own health, and their own will be lost a lot! Teens should ask themselves to put down their burdens immediately and happily, travel lightly, concentrate their energy, and be able to do everything well. Jun. 1, 2025 Start Register
Persist in! The learning atmosphere is often full of depression, especially when your own encounter difficulties in learning that cannot be solved, you will often feel irritable, sometimes frustrating and other negative emotions, which to a great extent, seriously affect their own health. May 1, 2025 Start Register
Afraid of failure? As the saying goes: Failure is the mother of success. However, many teenagers tend to forget when they face difficulties. Don't be afraid of failure. Failure gives yourself an opportunity. When their own overcome failure, success will come to your own. Apr. 1, 2025 Start Register
Cherish! Why are the students so happy, including those who once met without talking to each other because of their prejudices, or who frequently argued when they met, or opponents in debates who were able to shake hands and celebrate together. Mar. 1, 2025 Start Register
Sunshine after the rain! What should your own do when lightning, thunder, and violent storms impact the earth and destroy all things, making it impossible to escape and causing hurt? Every time after a storm, a rainbow appears in the sky. It is colorful and extremely enchanting. Feb. 1, 2025 Start Register
Potential abilities! In the eyes of many teenagers, today's teenagers are very ordinary, inconspicuous, and even ignorant... However, every teenager has perseverance, potential abilities, etc., which are teen greatest strengths. Therefore, every teenager should not underestimate selfself, ... Jan. 1, 2025 Start Register
Kind feel! Can convey their own confidence? Believe in yourself can do it. Use your own smiling eyes to convey confidence and strength! Every teen must keep themselves in a happy mood, always show their own kind smile, give others a sense of intimacy, use their own smile to convey their own confidence and strength, ... Dec. 1, 2024 Start Register
Soar in the blue sky! Teenagers should learn to be proud of difficulties and enjoy setbacks. Although, when faced with difficulties, many teenagers often shed sad tears, feel infinite grievances, worry, and even anger. But teens should learn to enjoy grievances, worries, learning, life, setbacks, success and everything in laughter. Nov. 1, 2024 Start Register
Must believe in yourself! Every teenager has their own strengths that they are proud of, and let your own hate weaknesses. If can correct their own shortcomings in time and gradually change their own shortcomings into their own strengths, the teenagers themselves will definitely make a big leap forward. Oct. 1, 2024 Start Register
Don't blame yourself! In a foreign country, teenagers often feel lonely, and they often can't help but express: looking up at the bright moon and lower head thinking about hometown. This is a very normal expression, don't blame yourself. But don’t be intimidated by loneliness, loneliness, etc.... Sep. 1, 2024 Start Register
Enjoy everything! For every teenager who goes to study and live in a foreign country, will always miss their own hometown where their own was born and grew up. During the festive season, their own misses the mountains and rivers of his hometown even more, that is: ... Aug. 1, 2024 Start Register
Essential language! When teenagers are in a foreign country, unexpected difficulties always arise. Often in anxiety, their own receive selfless help from other classmates, can't help but say sincerely: Hello, classmate, thank you for your help! Although it is ordinary simple language,... Jul. 1, 2024 Start Register
Resolve conflicts! There is a joy smile on the face. Although the language is barrier, but the body language full of kindness is used to resolve the conflicts between the two parties. Because, smiling eyes full of goodwill convey confidence and strength. Jun. 1, 2024 Start Register
Happiness! The annual Thanksgiving is approaching, and the students are very excited, learn to be grateful, use their own grateful language, grateful smile, grateful body language, thank others for their little help, help themselves to create happiness, and spend a good ordinary day. May 1, 2024 Start Register
Curiosity! Teenagers should believe in themselves, but one's own must understand that being curious about new things is not enough. Your own must study hard and make preparations hard to overcome difficulties and achieve success. Teenagers are very curious, ... Apr. 1, 2024 Start Register
Magic weapon! Teenagers often face difficulties, can their own be proud of difficulties and enjoy setbacks? Every teen should be able to do it! Because, if their own can study hard and keep improving, you will be able to overcome setbacks and difficulties. Mar. 1, 2024 Start Register
Selfless help! Hello classmate, thanks for your help. Being polite, exhibiting the right manners, and personal presence are very important. In the process of growing up, teenagers will always encounter various difficulties and setbacks, and often appear panicked,... Feb. 1, 2024 Start Register
Compare! The ten fingers stick out, some are long and some are short, but they are ingeniously combined to become dexterous should hands owned by everyone, which can exert great functions. In a world-changing way, even the humble little finger also has their own unique functions. Jan. 1, 2024 Start Register
Live in friendship! Although, a lot of troubles often appear every day, and I can't control it, what should I do? Thinking in another way, if teenagers can face troubles with their own smiles and a happy mood, everything will become very simple. Enjoy difficulties, sunshine releases warmth, friendship gives care, ... Dec. 1, 2023 Start Register
Lost opportunity! Because, endless opportunities are around teens. But many teenagers turn a blind eye and are still struggling to find opportunities. There are even many teenagers who often complain: it's too unfair, why don't they have a chance. but in fact is: when the opportunity appears by their own side, their own don't seize it, and lose the opportunity! Nov. 1, 2023 Start Register
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