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Out to sea! The day that makes the little penguin happy has finally come. The beautiful little penguin is about to go out to sea and swim in the boundless sea. The little penguin is very excited and excited, eager to swim in the strange sea. Ever since he heard the mighty and tall father say... Jun. 1, 2023 Start Register
New environment! When moving to a new place, everything is new, and of course there will be many difficulties. How can we accept and enjoy the new environment as soon as possible? For every child, it is very important to learn to change themselves correctly, to accept the new environment happily, and to enjoy the new environment. May 1, 2023 Start Register
Prepare! Faced with a foreign country and a brand-new environment, adults often feel unaccustomed to, and even feel depressed and lost. Not to mention children, young minds, are very easy to be hurt, suddenly facing unfamiliar environments, facing language difficulties, etc. , It is easy to cause the child's nervousness, lack of security, etc. Apr. 1, 2023 Start Register
Fly dance! The little dragonfly was very happy, waving its little wings and flying non-stop among the flowers! Children must learn to master that they can create happiness and face unfamiliar environments with a smile. This standard is not high, and every child can do it. Mar. 1, 2023 Start Register
The sun is shining! Whenever the sun rises, it shows the sun shining like a beautiful sun jumping out of the water. The golden sun shines on the earth. The children are bathed in the warm sun, enjoying a new day and also a happy day, full of freshness, Joy, fraternity, ... Feb. 1, 2023 Start Register
Polite apology! Why should children learn to apologize politely? Because it is often easy to quarrel with other children, do wrong things, etc. If you can apologize politely in time, you can get the forgiveness of other children and solve the problem smoothly. Jan. 1, 2023 Start Register
Flying snow to welcome spring! The heavy snow in the sky, under the command of Grandpa wind's magic wand, forms the north wind blowing, the snowflakes float, creating a world of ice and snow, silver, which is the favorite of children, put on a thick and beautiful coat, surrounded by bright scarf... Dec. 1, 2022 Start Register
Correct the bad habit of walking! Inner splayed feet are very common in young children. Due to poor sitting posture, many children have inner splayed feet. The walking posture is ugly, and it is not good for the body. It will affect the healthy growth of children for a long time. Nov. 1, 2022 Start Register
Please forgive! I'm sorry, please forgive my small mistakes! Children often quarrel, how to calm down by themselves, use polite behavior, language, quickly resolve conflicts between children, and be reconciled as before, is one of the survival skills that every child should learn and master. Oct. 1, 2022 Start Register
Small dreams, share with children! I have dreams, and I very much want to tell every child I just met that I am full of expectations and grow up with you, please share my dreams, and we will spend a happy childhood together. In the hearts of children, flowers are blooming. Beautiful little flowers are blooming, ... Sep. 1, 2022 Start Register
Hello new friend! Facing a new environment, meeting new faces who have never met before, smile and say: hello, new friends, please applaud for our acquaintance! Immediately able to get each other's smiling faces, friendly behavior. Although there is a temporary language barrier... Aug. 1, 2022 Start Register
The sun is rising! The beautiful sun jumps out of the water, the golden sun shines on the earth, the children are bathed in the warm sunshine, and enjoy a new day. A happy day, full of freshness, happiness, friendship, and fraternity. For children facing unfamiliar environments, it is the best way to face them with a smile. Jul. 1, 2022 Start Register
Tadpole the new home! Sister of water-beads in the small river was singing. Suddenly, the singing stopped abruptly. Sister of water-beads heard the call of the little tadpoles. After a while, the clever little tadpole appeared in front of sister of water-beads , and the little tadpole happily told sister of water-beads, we are moving the home! Jun. 1, 2022 Start Register
Walking posture! Maintaining the correct walking posture is very important, especially for children. However, many parents and teachers have not paid attention to it, causing children to walk in a variety of postures. Many of them show incorrect walking postures, such as the inner eight-word foot, or the outer eight-word foot. May 1, 2022 Start Register
Flowers are blossoming! The beautiful little flowers are blooming, in the mountains and plains are dazzling and dazzling. The little bees are busy in the thousands of flowers, they are happily enjoying their work, singing sweet songs of nectar, and dancing in the sea of flowers. Apr. 1, 2022 Start Register
New environment! In a blink of an eye, the moving company has removed all the items. Andy will take a plane with his family and arrive in a strange city, everything means a new beginning. Can little Andy accept it? Enjoying the new environment is what Andy needs to face. The teacher's words still echo in his ears: love the new environment... Mar. 1, 2022 Start Register
Beautiful smile! A new classmate came to the class. After a brief introduction by the teacher, he walked to the middle of classroom, waved his hand, and showed a beautiful smile on his face. After the class, the classmates were all curiously gathered around his seat before, chatted with him... Feb. 1, 2022 Start Register
Apologize! The art of apology should be learned. For a little bit of things, Andy and Mike quarreled again. Under the mediation of Teacher Jones, the two sides shook hands and made peace, and played together happily. Although, it is said that children’s quarrels are commonplace, but don’t think it can be underestimated... Jan. 1, 2022 Start Register
Enjoy your own new environment! In a blink of an eye, the moving company has moved all the items away. Andy will take a plane with his family and arrive in a strange city. Everything means a new beginning, acceptance of a new environment, etc. Can the little Andy accept it? Dec. 1, 2021 Start Register
A happy day! The beautiful little penguin is going to sea. Ever since heard the mighty and tall dad say to take myself to sea, the little penguin was excited, waving his little wings from time to time and running fast, as if own had already sailed in the sea. Nov. 1, 2021 Start Register
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