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The earth will still turning! More and more people, due to work pressure and life pressure, become grumpy, arguing, red-faced, and even fight for a little trivial matter, it's not worth it! At work, it is very normal to have disagreements, differences of opinion. With an inclusive mentality, understanding each other,...Jun. 1, 2023 Start Register
The bright future! Everyone longs for a bright future, but is often hindered by their own identity. Many people think that they are a small person and do not have a bright future. This kind of thinking is extremely negative and should be abandoned immediately, because every small person Also has its own bright future! May 1, 2023 Start Register
Great speech! Everyone, after their own hard study, can master the essentials and posture of speech, they can speak by themselves, and they can make their speech wonderful! Of course, there are also many people who think, why do you need to learn to speak? Because, everyone faces different people every day,... Apr. 1, 2023 Start Register
For smart people, think that they are getting closer to the chance of success, because failure gives smart people great inspiration, knowledge to overcome difficulties, opportunities for progress, dance with failure, and enjoy failure. success will surely none other than you, ... Mar. 1, 2023 Start Register
Bloom in the wind! Everyone loves plum blossoms, and they praise plum blossoms generously, the form of poetry, or in prose. Because plum blossoms are not afraid of cold, storms and snow, in the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, they can still bloom in the wind, and the fragrance of flowers is overflowing, fragrant, ... Feb. 1, 2023 Start Register
Sunset = morning sun! Although, the years have left a mark on the face, one after another striking wrinkles, show out this is an old man. However, the bright smile on your own face is silently telling everyone that your own as like the rising sun, his youth is still there, the big stage of life and work is still there, ... Jan. 1, 2023 Start Register
Let the troubles go with the wind! Arguments, troubles, anger, often make people lose their minds, learn to create happiness, replace troubles with happiness, and drive away anger with laughter. Many people think, why do I need to learn motivational speech performance? Dec. 1, 2022 Start Register
Applause ring up! Each speaker stands in the center of the stage, expressing his own experience, pain, anger, even disappointment, despair... The key is to endure it, all survived, withstood, boiled out, see the dawn, and welcome the sunny day, when the applause sounds! Nov. 1, 2022 Start Register
Create happiness! Face the environment that cannot be changed every day, change your own thinking, actively integrate, encourage yourself, infect others, create happiness and enjoy health in ordinary work and life. Everyone desires happiness, and it is easy to achieve it, you can create it yourself...Oct. 1, 2022 Start Register
So easy! Life is created by the public themselves, wonderful life is so simple! Longing for happiness? Everyone desires happiness, but, everyone can create it yourself! Learn to encourage yourself, create happiness, face the environment that cannot be changed, actively integrate,... Sep. 1, 2022 Start Register
Ideal flower! Different ideals are rippling in everyone's heart. How to make the flower of your own ideal bloom in joy? Everyone can do it, and through their own efforts, they can realize their ideals. Excuse me, are you happy? Many people answered,
Opportunities! Everyone looks for opportunities and hopes that opportunities can appear in front of them. But don't forget that opportunities are for the dedicated! Opportunities are often quietly beside your own, many people can't see them, but they are shouting loudly... Jul. 1, 2022 Start Register
Longing for happiness? Yes, everyone desires happiness, but don't worry, can create a happy life by yourself, and everyone can create their own happy life. With your own wisdom and hard work, you can create a happy and wonderful life that suits you.... Jun. 1, 2022 Start Register
Bright future! Many people are ordinary people with no earth-shattering growth experience, no background of wealth and glory, and have been mediocre since childhood. In the eyes of some people, a very small person, sometimes he can feel that he is looked down upon by others... May 1, 2022 Start Register
Keep young! Years always ruthlessly leave deep wrinkles on everyone's face, leaving a deep imprint in their own hearts, and youth gradually departs. This is what everyone must face. However, it is not a dream to create happiness by yourself, make life and work for you desirable, enjoy it happily... Apr. 1, 2022 Start Register
Look for opportunities! Many people are complaining that they have no opportunities, are envious of others, always get good opportunities, and often look forward to when they will get the opportunity! The fact is that opportunities are by everyone's side. Mar. 1, 2022 Start Register
Kind smile! Can show your own kind smile? After hearing this, many people couldn't help shaking their heads. Some people even dismissively said,
Impromptu speech! Many people think, why do their own need to learn impromptu speech performance? Because, everyone faces different people in their work and life every day, and your own is giving speeches and performances! Jan. 1, 2022 Start Register
The mystery of smile! A smile is sweet, no one can refuse, especially when encountering difficulties and facing very difficult things, everyone is enveloped in a disturbing atmosphere, a smile can resolve the anxiety and inject a clear stream into the tense atmosphere, solve problems with wisdom. Dec. 1, 2021 Start Register
Present yourself! In their work and life, everyone is performing impromptu performances and presiding over speeches all the time, although the audience is their own office colleagues, or family members, close relatives and friends, often the performance is not ideal, sometimes even Clumsy. Nov. 1, 2021 Start Register
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