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Brilliant smile! Brilliant smile, show your own affinity, your kind smile infects others, add happiness and strength to your boring work, improve work efficiency, add sunshine to your ordinary work, etc. Some people say that smiles are not inborn. Some people just don't like smiles and even complain about others' smiles.
The moon is full will deficit! As the saying goes: When the water is full, will overflows, and the moon is full will deficit. In the struggle of life, everyone should keep it in mind.
Create happiness and avoid disease, can your own? Have to face a lot of upsetting things every day, which always arouse your own unhappiness, worry, frustration, how can your own change so that your own can be happy, happy, and stay away from disease? Golden Int'l held in Dec. 2022 Health and Happy Salon for office people and leisure people
Have no-nothing! In the eyes of many people, it has nothing to do with their own, because of their own years of hard work, they can't be said to be rich, but it is more than enough to ensure that their own and their family have enough food and clothing.
A day of little figures in the office! In the workplace, everyone is an inconspicuous little person. According to boss the instructions, complete their own work step by step. Although speaking, in an ordinary workplace, it is full of competition, challenges, setbacks and so on, of course, there is still success.
Selfless dedication! Don't worry, my shoulders are your reliable support. Suddenly, Nancy feels extremely safe. The sick body also feels less pain. Ever since received the unfortunate news in the hospital, Nancy have been in a deep mood, their own afraid of the fact that face the terminal stage of cancer.
Impromptu speech! Many people think, why do their own need to learn impromptu speech performance? Because, everyone faces different people in their work and life every day, and your own is giving speeches and performances! Because, your own are on the big stage of life every day...
The mystery of smile! A smile is sweet, no one can refuse, especially when encountering difficulties and facing very difficult things, everyone is enveloped in a disturbing atmosphere, a smile can resolve the anxiety and inject a clear stream into the tense atmosphere, solve problems with wisdom.
Forgive! In the face of the harm that others have caused to oneself, long-term sorrow, anger will affect your own health and lead to a decline in your own overall quality. It is not good, especially if your own are sulking and get sick, your own is a big loser;
Sweet smile! Forget the troubles in the heart, let go of the past grudges, show a brilliant smile, hold the hands of the former opponent, not a dream, but a moving scene that often appears in the ordinary living environment, letting go of others, truly liberating yourself. Everyone often feels very depressed and difficult to survive. I
Trust yourself! Have to face a lot of troubles every day, always feel: work is difficult, done right, some people are jealous, make mistakes, some people ridicule, do a lot of work, for fear of being regarded as pretending to be positive, dealing with less things, and fear of suffering accusations, etc. In fact, it is do not believe your own behavior.
Tomorrow Better! It's another busy day. Although don’t understand the strict requirements of the manager, still complete all the tasks seriously. The episode that appeared in the middle made me appeared out cold sweat. Fortunately, the smart and capable manager help...
Charm! Speak, speech is an art, is a kind performance to face the public, as long as need to host a situation, must have the skills of speaking, you need to continuously improve oneself cultural heritage, and enrich your own knowledge in all aspects. Many people think, why do I need to learn impromptu speech performance?
Enjoy joy! Everywhere care about everything, everything the tip of the needle is to the wheat awn, create barriers, create trouble. Change thinking, small things that do not involve principle issues, consider lightly, enjoy the difficulties that arise, worry, face with a smile, positive, optimistic handling tricky difficult problem.
Applause sounded! Standing in the center of the stage, have a powerful statement of your own experience, have pain, anger, even disappointment, despair... have laughter, moved, etc. The key is over, withstand, and survive. Seeing the dawn, welcoming a bright sunny day, gaining everyone's approval...
Why self-seeking upset bother? When it comes to happiness, most people have a blank face, a bad mood, because annoying things abound... When someone asks: Are you happy? People still shook own head and within a sad face... Every day is engaged in the same work every day, whether it is two points and one line, or more polygons;
Smile! Smile is the most selfless partner; smile, drive away the anger in the heart; smile, generously give yourself wisdom, smile, selflessly give yourself strength; smile, a smile from the heart of kindness, happy yourself, warm others, Everyone can do it! Give your own smile, add happiness to work, build bridges for friendship, add wisdom to solve difficulties...
Beautiful spring! The spring breeze blows again, the spring rain is flutter, the spring green scenery, the spring is full the spring is beautiful, it is inseparable from the dedication of the little grass, the little grasses selflessly decorate the beauty of nature, give modern mankind health!
Let gossip and slang go with the wind! Desire to strive for success is the mood of every worker, but it is not an easy task; Because, it is not easy to do a good job. Moreover, it is easy to make mistakes because of doing things. It is similar to walking will fall down. Also need to face many people's incomprehension, cold ridicule, unpleasant sarcasm and so on. Mar. 1, 2021 Start Register
Defeat the COVID-19 Epidemic Disease Chapter Eight: 1. Visit the website. Student is Working and Leisure People to Participate in Learn Golden Int'l Free Education the Correct Method
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