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Loneliness! When kids arrive in a new environment, they often feel lonely because everything is unfamiliar. They can't help but ask themselves: Why are their own lonely? If kid change your own thinking, everything is new. Use your own curiosity to contact, discuss, inquire, learn, etc., Jun. 1, 2025 Start Register
A brand new environment! You know what? When kids arrive in a new environment and face language barriers, they can help themselves by using their correct body language. Of course, with the right posture, you can gain friendship. Kids posture and gestures cannot be underestimated. Kids can show their correct posture and gestures,... May 1, 2025 Start Register
Help! When kids are in a foreign country and unfamiliar with the place, often encounter difficulties. What should kids do if they encounter difficulties? Especially when you are in a foreign country, your own don’t understand the language, and you are lost, it is really worrying! Apr. 1, 2025 Start Register
Wise decision! The owner was on a business trip and took Garfield to a beautiful island country that was rich in all kinds of fish. When Garfield heard this, he drooled. He hurried to the owner and asked anxiously,
Smile! When kids arrive in a new environment, at first glance, they are all unfamiliar new faces. However, everyone has a bright smile on their own face, giving infinite warmth to others, extending their own hands to welcome the new ones and say: friends, please cheer for our friendship! Feb. 1, 2025 Start Register
Good memories! A letter from a distant place made the students in the classroom excited. In the letter, Nancy recounted the unforgettable past. She came to a foreign country, and the enthusiastic help of her new friends made her feel like spring every day. The warmth... Dec. 1, 2024 Start Register
Enjoy learning! Kids learn to show their enthusiasm, convey health knowledge, healthy temperament, and freedom, and infect other kids. Create a happy and healthy learning environment for themselves, cultivate themselves to create happiness every day, and enjoy learning with laughter, enjoy life. Nov. 1, 2024 Start Register
What should do if encounter difficulties? When Amy arrives in a new environment, especially in a foreign country with a language barrier, she encounters many interesting things. One day, Amy got lost, which was really worrying! Calm down, you must stay calm, Amy looked around warily, ... Oct. 1, 2024 Start Register
Good time! Always remind yourself not to be dazzled by small successes, and at the same time, don't lose confidence because of one or multiple failures. For every kid, their own growth is the only one, and should enjoy their own failures due to lack of knowledge. Sep. 1, 2024 Start Register
The inevitable result! Hello, please accept my sincere apology! It is normal to do something wrong. Dare to face it calmly and apologize sincerely. Not only can you quickly resolve the embarrassing situation, but also gain understanding. Aug. 1, 2024 Start Register
The precious! Friendships between kids are pure friendships that are priceless and precious! Kids often applaud the pure friendship between friends, through a bright smile, a sincere encouragement, and a warm hug, the friendship between kids is conveyed. Jul. 1, 2024 Start Register
Warmth! In a blink of an eye, four years have passed, and when Jenny came to a foreign country, with the enthusiastic help of new friends, Jenny felt the warmth of spring every day, and many things moved her. The smiles, encouragement, and selfless help of the students gave Jenny the courage to overcome difficulties.... Jun. 1, 2024 Start Register
The most precious friendship! The friendship between kids is the soil for kids to grow up happily, create happiness, cherish the help of friends, use your own smile, return with kindness, eliminate introverted behavior, lonely behavior, stay away from introverted personality, and introverted behavior. May 1, 2024 Start Register
Meager the power! Extend the hands of friendship and help each other. For every kid, it should be learned and mastered. Although their own ability is limited, use their own kindness and love to help others with their own meager strength. Apr. 1, 2024 Start Register
Happy memory! It is a great pleasure to have friends from afar. Although there is a language barrier, in a foreign country, kids can show their own smiles and communicate with proper body language. Vibrant conversation is what every kid should actively prepare before going to study in the United States,... Mar. 1, 2024 Start Register
Stay away from loneliness! Kids who show their sincere smiles at any time can immediately resolve the tense situation and skillfully resolve the conflicts among kids. Because, in getting along with kids, there are often frequent conflicts, and it is difficult to distinguish who is right and who is wrong. Feb. 1, 2024 Start Registe
Face it calmly! When meeting Nancy, Amy whispered: Hello, please accept my sincere apology. Nancy and Amy hug each other. Although it was a short sentence, it had been held back in Amy's heart for many days. Whenever she faced Nancy, Amy found it difficult to speak. Jan. 1, 2024 Start Register
Increased joy! Can kids add joy to yourself? Many can't do it. Kids should learn to create happiness by themselves, create happy for themselves every day, treat classmates with their own smiles, increase happy for themselves, and increase happiness for others. Dec. 1, 2023 Start Register
New environment! When the whole family moves to a new environment, it is a very luxurious thing to be able to achieve everyone's happiness, which is beyond reach! However, according to the specific situation and various conditions of the new environment, ... Nov. 1, 2023 Start Register
Why lonely? Kids often feel lonely when they arrive in a new environment, because everything is strange. In fact, if you change your thinking, everything will feel fresh. Use your own curiosity to contact, discuss, inquire, learn..., and your own will be able to make many new friends and learn many new things immediately, ... Oct. 1, 2023 Start Register
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