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Enjoy! Obesity in young children will not only cause many diseases, but also increasingly threaten children's health. Moreover, obese children often have to face other children, worldly cynicism, etc., and their young hearts are invisibly hurt every day, which leads to low self-esteem, inner fear, etc. Dec. 1, 2024 Start Register
Bloom! The flower fairy blooms after the rain, blowing in the morning breeze, gently swaying, graceful posture, fascinating, daydream, the flower fairy is blooming! The colorful flower fairies are blooming in the sunshine, and the dandelions are flying in the air, giving the earth fragrance. Nov. 1, 2024 Start Register
Smile to face! Can their own face difficulties with a smile? Many children shook their heads and showed their expressions, it was so difficult! But every child must learn. What should children do when encounter difficulties? Children often show out fear emotions. Oct. 1, 2024 Start Register
Stay away from loneliness! It is very important for every child to enjoy modern junk food and avoid introverted behavior. Learn to create happiness, stay away from loneliness, avoid introverted behavior, learn to create a good environment for yourself, learn to perform, and improve personal quality, temperament, ... Sep. 1, 2024 Start Register
What should you do if you accidentally do something wrong? Every child is a happy little angel, caring and willing to help others. Like a beautiful and happy little angel, stretches out a little hands to help other children, even strangers whom he does not know. Aug. 1, 2024 Start Register
Beautiful language! Language is an art. Children be able to speak beautiful language that pleases the listener, turning conversations into friendly exchanges and friendly transmissions, every child can do this. The contribution of beautiful language cannot be underestimated. Jul. 1, 2024 Start Register
The trouble? Although children are young, some of them have already started to have troubles. Really, it happened to the little friend John next door. So far, John is often worried and can’t even eat. The little friend Andy found out about it, and immediately found John, holding John’s little hand, and ran quickly, he kept saying, hurry up, we're late! Jun. 1, 2024 Start Register
Colorful! Although the daily life of young children seems to be the same, often let children feel boring and meaningless. However, parents should correctly guide children not to think so, and encourage children to cherish a beautiful and easy life,... May 1, 2024 Start Register
Spread happiness! Children all like rainbows, colorful rainbows are so dazzling, especially after a strong storm, the colorful rainbows in the sky are so gorgeous, in the blue sky, set up a beautiful antenna, Spread happiness to the earth, bring endless joy to children, and arouse endless beautiful reverie of children. Apr. 1, 2024 Start Register
Help each other! The friendship between safflower and green leaves can reflect that children should learn, master to help each other. Many, children came to the garden and saw the safflowers in full bloom, the voices of praise came one after another. Mar. 1, 2024 Start Register
Own ideal! Every child has his own dream, longing for his dream to come true. This is not a dream, enrich your own ideal with knowledge. As long as the children work hard on their own, one day their own dreams will come true. In order to realize their dreams, children must work hard to learn knowledge, ... Feb. 1, 2024 Start Register
Laughter to face the difficult! What should children do if they encounter difficulties? Whenever encountering difficulties, often because of grievances, children can't help shedding tears, or fear, and often have shrinking thinking. These are all negative behaviors of children and are not advisable. Jan. 1, 2024 Start Register
On the field of hope! The fragrant soil, the fresh air, the love of the sun, the blowing of the morning breeze, the path of green grass, in the field of hope, everything is still so attractive, full of summer fairy tale world! It is full of reverie and lingering, the beautiful fields, the generous gift of nature,... Dec. 1, 2023 Start Register
Look into the sky! At night, quietly, looking at the sky, the stars are twinkling, the stars in the sky are shining brightly. Because, the stars are holding a martial arts competition, and the lovely stars are using their abilities, gliding at high speed, showing a long starlight, rising and falling one after another, weaving a beautiful and splendid starry sky. Nov. 1, 2023 Start Register
Full of sunshine! To train children, their own can create happiness, and artificially make their own lives full of happiness. With special training, every child can do it. When children's life is full of sunshine, the living environment of children will healthy... Children help each other, can bring joy to themselves and other children. Oct. 1, 2023 Start Register
Must vigilant! Obesity is becoming more common among young children, and many young children are getting fatter. Because of being fat, they are often ridiculed by other children, causing them to be prone to appear out introversion state of mind, and introverted behavior, must be vigilant. Sep. 1, 2023 Start Register
What should do if have troubles? John has already started to have troubles at a young age. Really, a lot of troubles happened to the child next door, John. So far, John was very worried, he was restless every day, and even couldn’t eat. The little friend Andy found out, and immediately found John, took his little hand, ... Aug. 1, 2023 Start Register
Bloom after the rain! When a thunderstorm strikes, the huge wind and fierce rainstorm will destroy everything mercilessly. However, after the thunderstorm, colorful rainbows hang high in the sky, and flowers bloom under the blowing, gently swaying, the graceful the posture is fascinating and full of reverie. Jul. 1, 2023 Start Register
Smile wipes away tears! What should children do when they encounter difficulties, often because of grievances, they can't help shedding tears. Let tears take away children unhappiness, troubles, and welcome joy. Every child can use his own wisdom to solve difficulties! Jun. 1, 2023 Start Register
Big nature! The beautiful fields are the gift of nature, which makes the children dream and linger. Thanks to the generosity of nature, and the diligent cultivation of people, have given to birth the fruitful harvests and the beauty of the world. Although everyday life seems to be the same, ... May 1, 2023 Start Register
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