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Break the usual! When the exciting music sounds, follow the rhythm of the music, walk on the stage of life, tell fascinating stories and so on. Every teenager can do it, through their own unremitting efforts. Some people say that storytelling performances with soundtracks are the monopoly of orators, and for teenagers,...
Start working hard! Recitation with ups and downs, this is not a dream, recitation of poems with music, every teenager can learn, master, and use the correct voice and intonation to show their own demeanor on stage. Release stress, show a smile, behave decently, and be personable, this is another way for teens to show their own wisdom.
Tolerate yourself! Can you do it yourself? A lot of teens shake their heads very honestly, it's hard, it can't be done. However, every teenager who wants to be successful should learn to tolerate themselves, master how to treat themselves well, only those who can create their own bright future!
Be the one who has the last laugh! Teenagers are subject to setbacks at any time, but what does it matter? Overcome setbacks and be the last laugher. A real wise man is not afraid of difficulties, conquers difficulties with his own wisdom, regards difficulties as challenges in life, ...
Posture! Does Posture Matter? Can their own show out your own correct posture? Many teenagers and their parents have long dismissed it, and even mistakenly believed that teenagers only need good grades to be fine, as for walking posture, sitting posture, receiving people and to handle things, etc., they can be ignored.
Wonderful performance! Can you be done? Performing wonderful performances, many teenagers are unable to do it, thinking it is too difficult, and many teenagers often complain, there is no reason to be jealous of the progress of other students, complain about the unfairness of the teacher, and so on.
What to do when you are under pressure? It is very common for teenagers to face stress, what to do? Change your own thinking and turn stress into motivation. Because doing things requires taking responsibility and facing pressure, and often a lot of pressure is caused by teenagers themselves.
Wonderful the life! Every teenager has their own life, and their own life is created by oneself. Every teenager can create their own wonderful life, through their own hard work, hard practice, and get knowledge and wisdom, have be different and have a wonderful life of your own. Teenagers on the big stage of their own lives every day, performing all the time, whether their own like it or not.
Be the best you can be! Every teenager has their own dream. In order to realize his ideal, studies hard and constantly challenges himself. What is the most important thing when preparing to study in the United States? ! Many teenagers put out a lot of things, but they only forget about themselves.
Expand horizons! Facing the new environment, first adjust your mentality, embrace happiness, actively integrate, encourage yourself, and infect others, and you will immediately feel like a fish in water! When teen study in the United States, no matter what difficulties they encounter, success, etc.
Encourage yourself! Teenagers must learn to encourage themselves all the time, especially when they encounter difficulties, tell themselves that taking one step back and making two steps forward can be achieved through hard work. For example, the decline in academic performance is temporary, especially in an exam, ...
Wisdom overcome obesity! Hate obesity? Teenagers love to eat, and they are generally facing obesity. Saying goodbye to obesity is even more difficult. How can teenagers be happy, enjoy delicious food, and avoid obesity? If you change your own bad habits and put an end to the surviving environment of obesity, ...
Smile power! Many teenagers love to laugh, but there are also many teenagers who don't like to laugh. Smiling is the instinct of every teenager, and it is a beautiful behavior to always show their bright smile. Because smiling can give oneself strength, self-confidence, encourage oneself to overcome difficulties,...
The big stage of life! Teenagers stand on the big stage of life every day and show their own performances. Many teenagers like to freely express their remarks, opinions, ideas, etc. frequently, but most teenagers always hope that their speeches, opinions, etc., can be warmly welcomed by applause.
Dawn of the Dawn! Failure often surrounds teenagers, and sometimes even occurs, and everything is not going well, which is extremely frustrating. This is something teens should be wary of. To be a winner who has the last laugh. Failed, failed again, could still keep smiling face, even though my eyes contained tears of grievance, ...
Thing violation human to wish! Desire to succeed and dreams are beautiful, often appearing in teenagers, but, often appearing: things don't go as expected! Because, no pie throws from the sky, if don't study hard, can't expect to get good grades. If teenagers speak coldly to their own classmates, of course,...
Cut to the topic! For teens, Give you one minute, can introduce yourself in a natural way? In the face of unfamiliar people, can you use your own words to cut into the theme immediately? For 60 seconds, can let your own nervous mood return to calm, anxious face, or nervous face, or angry face, showing a bright smile, full of confidence, vigorous demeanor, etc.
Don't envy others! Are their own still envious of other teenagers? No need, believe in your potential, as long as you work hard, you can: Always walking out of your own style, show your smile, maintain your own correct posture, improve your psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and their own overall quality.
Change their own! Life is dull, study is boring, if teen can create happiness by themselves, turn their dull life into a happy life, make boring study enjoyable, study hard while being happy, and make continuous progress, Help each other with other students in joy, discuss problems in study politely, ...
Applaud? When teenagers give speeches, it often happens that there is no applause, and teens can't help but wonder why there is no applause for their own speech, only the whispers of classmates, embarrassed laughter, and their nervous mood suddenly become more nervous, ...
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