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Warm the world! Flowers in the sun are full of vitality and thrive in the sunshine and rain. The youth of teenagers is full of passion, blooming youth, and personal charm. The responsibilities of teenagers are to encourage themselves to enjoy life in happiness, study, avoid obesity, gain happiness, health, and warm the world with their own laughter.
Afraid of eating sweets? This is a very common problem, because many teenagers are afraid of eating sweets. They think that eating sweets will easily cause them to gain weight, affect their own appearance, hurt their own health, etc. Therefore, among teenagers are constantly entangled in hearts, because of fear eating sweets, leads to obesity.
Create happiness! Whenever asked: Are you happy? The answers of the teenagers are all kinds of strange. Because every teenager has a different perception of happiness, so the answers are also varied. In fact, every teenager can create happiness all the time by himself, with a happy smile on his face, adding vitality to his peaceful life with laughter, ...
Get applause! Standing in front of the podium, speak loudly about your views, views on solving problems, and give passionate speeches to arouse the fraternity heart of the students. Use your own strength to extend the hands of friendship, help others, and enjoy the applause sounded time when....
Confidence! Teenagers must have their own self-confidence. Whether they are facing a good environment or encountering difficult things, maintaining their self-confidence is of immeasurable help to solving problems, especially self-confidence, which can give teens strength , courage, happy overcoming difficulties, and continuous progress.
Hope! Having a dream is a positive behavior. As long as you work hard, opportunities will continue to appear, and there will always be hope! If face setbacks and failures one after another, their own will feel depressed and anger will fill your own brain. Over time, their own will suffer from diseases and truly lose everything!
A very important course! Teenagers must learn to master timely improvement of their psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and other comprehensive qualities to help their own gain health, wisdom, beauty and so on. This is a very important subject and must not be taken lightly.
Winner! Teenagers often encounter various speeches and debates at school. To be able to successfully become the final winner, not only the eloquence, but also the standing posture of the speech, the posture on the podium, the personal etiquette, etc. must be excellent, forming the speaker's own unique style, ...
Survival the skills! In a joyous atmosphere, it is very important for teenagers to applaud the friendship with classmates and enhance mutual friendship. Because lack of tolerance is a common problem among teenagers. For trivial matters, quarrels occur, and no one is willing to give in. Such situations often happen among teenagers.
Friendship pair hands! When other students encounter difficulties, their own be able to take the initiative to extend their friendly hands to help, and use selfless love to help each other. Please ask, can their own do it consciously? Similarly, when others encounter difficulties, everyone should dedicate their fraternity and use their own strength to help others in a timely manner and overcome difficulties.
Cherish! Friendship is very important to teenagers. However, many teenagers still haven't realized that their own often confuse the pure friendship with the loyalty of buddies, and they quarrel and even move their hands and feet over the slightest things, which makes the boat of friendship capsize.
Selfless help! Hello classmate, thanks for your help. Being polite, exhibiting the right manners, and personal presence are very important. In the process of growing up, teenagers will always encounter various difficulties and setbacks, and often appear panicked, lose confidence, etc., which are very normal behavers.
Compare! The ten fingers stick out, some are long and some are short, but they are ingeniously combined to become dexterous should hands owned by everyone, which can exert great functions. In a world-changing way, even the humble little finger also has their own unique functions.
The strong person! Tears can soothe the wounds of the soul, and smiles can gain motivation for growth. From weak to strong, from ignorant to wise, teenagers gradually become strong people who overcome difficulties in the process of growing up, because the world belongs to the ambitious, and the future belongs to the strong!
Break the usual! When the exciting music sounds, follow the rhythm of the music, walk on the stage of life, tell fascinating stories and so on. Every teenager can do it, through their own unremitting efforts. Some people say that storytelling performances with soundtracks are the monopoly of orators, and for teenagers,...
Start working hard! Recitation with ups and downs, this is not a dream, recitation of poems with music, every teenager can learn, master, and use the correct voice and intonation to show their own demeanor on stage. Release stress, show a smile, behave decently, and be personable, this is another way for teens to show their own wisdom.
Tolerate yourself! Can you do it yourself? A lot of teens shake their heads very honestly, it's hard, it can't be done. However, every teenager who wants to be successful should learn to tolerate themselves, master how to treat themselves well, only those who can create their own bright future!
Be the one who has the last laugh! Teenagers are subject to setbacks at any time, but what does it matter? Overcome setbacks and be the last laugher. A real wise man is not afraid of difficulties, conquers difficulties with his own wisdom, regards difficulties as challenges in life, ...
Posture! Does Posture Matter? Can their own show out your own correct posture? Many teenagers and their parents have long dismissed it, and even mistakenly believed that teenagers only need good grades to be fine, as for walking posture, sitting posture, receiving people and to handle things, etc., they can be ignored.
Wonderful performance! Can you be done? Performing wonderful performances, many teenagers are unable to do it, thinking it is too difficult, and many teenagers often complain, there is no reason to be jealous of the progress of other students, complain about the unfairness of the teacher, and so on.
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