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Question and Answer

When You Choose to Participate in the Golden Int'l Amateur Home For Global Public Special Education or Free Education,

Golden Int'l, is an Int'l healthy Film, Healthy Dance, healthy Language Comprehensive University, current location is in New York, etc. Facing to global universal education Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science, make full use unique Golden Int'l Health Language, to educate and cultivate Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the Application, targeted for self-protect oneself health correct modern knowledge, self-protect the global  public the health, the Int'l Professional Health  Educative Talent, the Int'l Professional Health Research Talent the Cradle.

Golden Int'l owns Golden Int'l Film Academy, Golden Int'l Dance Academy, Golden Int'l Language Academy, Golden Int'l League Education, Golden Int'l Free Download etc.

When You Choose to Participate in the Golden Int'l Amateur Home For Global Public Special Education, or Free Education, please accordance with as follow:

For Amateur Free Education: please click Free Education;

For Worker Person and Leisure Person Special Education:

1) Please visit the Golden Int'l Amateur Home Sign In Page:,   to kick "Sign Up " button into Golden Int'l Amateur Home Sign Up page:

2) To participate in the free registration,  fill in the form,  and access to get your student card
number (User Name) and Password: 


3) For Golden Int'l Amateur Home tuition teaching video download subject:     

3-1)  With your student card number (User Name) and Password, reach to Golden Int'l Adult Home Sign In   page to Sign In, please click the recharge button upper right corner : 

3-2)  Reach to the Golden Int'l Amateur Home  Recharge Center, input your student card number (User Name),   read carefully, choose tuition item, top-up amount, click the "submit" button. 


4)  Reach the payment page input the amount paid, to choose the bank and click bottom button “马上支付” the mean is "Payment Immediate" : 

Notice: The input tuition amount of payment must be in accordance with the tuition charging in the  
amount of the subject,  the minimum amount of tuition charge item. 

4-1) To get paid tuition successfully, click  "video download" button on bottom; 

4-2) Return to "teach video" page, select the video download mode of to participate in teaching video  

4-3) Please attention for teaching video download charged: 

4-3-1)Please according to your computer or   tablet computer models choose download the best format. 

4-3-2) When you choose to download format and click, will prompt appears: "Are you sure you want to   download the video? " if you click "ok" or “确定”, will be start download, and deduct a course from your   account. 

5) Notice:   When you want to leave Golden Int'l Amateur Home site, you must click bottom button "Sign   Off" or click the upper right corner button "Sign Off" from following pages to make sure to leave the site. Otherwise,  will form your account is still occupied, so cause to you can't normally enter again,  prone to your account is embezzled by person; 



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