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Health Education
Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Study Principles

The principle of studying of Golden Int'l: Educate participants to become a that promotes the joint efforts of mankind and creates a virtuous circle of mankind protection of self-health!


Why Modern Human Need to Learn Golden Int’l Mobile Health Life Science?

Because, God created mankind according to himself, and mankind only uses 10% of its own energy.

Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science is research and develop the other 90% of human energy, focusing on research human's own immune system and self-repair system, so that human can through correct ideas, correct exercise and so on to improve human own immune system and defend against diseases.

For example, in response to COVID-19 epidemic disease, learning and mastering Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 epidemic disease the correct modern knowledge, can protect their own health, stay away from the COVID-19 epidemic disease, and patients can accelerate rehabilitation.

Because, receive from various environmental affects, the public is prone to illness. Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science educates the public to improve their own repair system through correct ideas and exercises, to be able to restore the function of their own immune system, and realize their own protection of their own health, and protect the health of the public.

Advocated traditional of protection health’s way such as: running, trot, mountain climbing, slow to walk, traditional dance, modern dance, folk dance, Pilates, swimming, taekwondo and etc. For modern human, these protective health ways have advantages, but also have exist many flaws, so, modern human in order to the health to participate in , not only cannot achieving purpose, instead, in the chronic self-inflicted injury!     

Because, some people for a long time suffer that ego body overweight, forced to accept the reconstruction surgery of own body. Some people because of family genetic disease also forced to accept body organs resection operation...;          

Because, obesity become ugly, get old and so on reasons, do not willing to lose competitiveness and so on, lead to more and more people take part in different kinds of cosmetic surgery, bear extreme pain, even surgical failures, tragic death on the operating table...     

Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science Can Turn Round This Terrible Tendency!  

Golden Int'l created Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science; 

For more information please visit:  Why Modern Human Need to Learn Golden Int’l Mobile Health Life Science?

Golden Int'l study principles:

Education participants become:

1. Willing continue to explore, and learn new things;

2. Clearly knows own recent small target, long-term goals;

3. Foot tread actual, a conscious effort, every day up;

4. Know the world is changing every day, technology is constantly updated;

5. Willing to invest into a great cause: Promote the joint efforts of mankind and create a virtuous circle of mankind own protection your own health!

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