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Stupid birds have food to eat! Daddy bird is very angry when he sees the little bird playing every day. In his eyes, the little bird is naughty and doesn’t like to learn, will have no food in the future. Therefore, the bird’s father talks to the little bird very seriously, but the little bird is also very serious said with a smile: Jun. 1, 2022 Start Register
Upset! At a young age, have troubles, worrying about unsatisfactory exam results, quarreling with classmates at the next table over a book, and so on. Learn to take away your own worries with joyful laughter, the laughter from the heart infects oneself, and in happiness, throws the troubles out of the sky... May 1, 2022 Start Register
Send the stairs! I have learned to send the stairs, stretch out my little hand, and give timely help to the best of my ability when the friend needs it, this is what every kid should learn. Learn to understand other friends, give them help in time, smile with their own kindness, encourage them to overcome difficulties... Apr. 1, 2022 Start Register
Passing on friendship! There are many ways to pass on friendship. The best and easiest way to pass on friendship should be a kind smile. Every kid should learn, use their own kind smile to convey friendship, use their own kind smile to resolve conflicts, disputes, gain understanding, friendship, friends, happiness and so on. Mar. 1, 2022 Start Register
The cohesion of the sand! Small grains of sand, inconspicuous and powerless, are often overlooked by people. However, when thousands of little sand come together, they can create functions that change the world. Give others a little help happily, show your own bright smile, and become the small real master of life and learning., every kid can do it! Feb. 1, 2022 Start Register
Leave a lingering fragrance when sent people's rose hands! Learning gratitude, helping others as much as you can, showing your own smile, etc. These are all knowledge that every kid must learn and master. In the environment where kids grow up, are often lacking and should be made up in time. Jan. 1, 2022 Start Register
Wipe away tears! For a little trivial matter, the kids are invisibly divided into two major sides. They are arguing hard, red-faced, full of gunpowder, not giving way to each other, timid girls are crying, etc. It is very meaningless, a waste of time, a waste of friendship. Dec. 1, 2021 Start Register
Do out your own best! People like comparison the most, and also said: Only when there is comparison can show you are distinguished. But everything has its unique peculiarities, so the results will be different. If compare indiscriminately, the result must be different. Nov 1, 2021 Start Register
Open your heart! Many kids do not like to talk, they often have introverted behaviors, an introverted mentality, and parents worry about their kids the introversion and so on. It doesn't matter, because the joy is a very simple thing. Let the kids show their bright smile, youthful temperament... Oct. 1, 2021 Start Register
Sincere friendship! On the desk, there was a letter, that was very conspicuous and attracted the curiosity of all the students. Surrounded by the students, Amy carefully opened the envelope. It was a thank-you letter sent from a foreign country. Sep. 1, 2021 Start Register
The curious! Many kids have curiosity and are interested in everything. Of course, it is indisputable that curiosity is the nature of kids. When kids face the vast world, there are endless problems, which is a very normal phenomenon. Carefully guide, train kids to enrich their brains with correct knowledge... Aug. 1, 2021 Start Register
Perseverance! Every kid should have a little perseverance. The ambition and ideal are far away for kids, but it is achievable to develop a little perseverance gradually. Eating snacks, gaining weight quickly, affecting kid the health, reducing learning efficiency, are contradictions that kids need to face... Jul. 1, 2021 Start Register
Thanksgiving! In early winter one day, the sun is still rising, but the strong north wind swept out the warmth of the earth. Even the lovely water sister was frozen and lost her previous smile; the electric brother was blown off by the gale, the classroom is dark... Jun. 1, 2021 Start Register
Tolerate each other! The classmates are having a tense debate, because classmate Xiaoxiao and Yangyang fight, the fuse is a colored pen, but who is right? The students unanimously agreed that there was already a conflict between them, because they did not deal with it in time, so today it broke out... May 1, 2021 Start Register
Glittering medal! Liu Xiang was late, and the whole class including the teacher was very surprised, because Liu Xiang is a good student with excellent academic performance, and never arrives late or leaves early. Not waiting for the teacher’s inquiry, Liu Xiang held up high the right hand with a fist, asked excitedly... Apr. 1, 2021 Start Register
Happy let difficult change into easy! There are many things happening every day, need kids to learn, master knowledge, and deal with it cleverly. Happy let difficult change to easy, turning opponents into friends, is an indispensable life for every kid life skills... Mar. 1, 2021 Start Register
Mysterious smile! Andy was happily describing the interesting things about yesterday’s outing to his classmates. Everyone was fascinated by it, especially when Andy talked about the appearance of unexpected guests. Andy stopped abruptly, and said triumphantly, for more details, please listen to the next decomposition and so on. Feb. 1, 2021 Start Register
Adventure! The smart and cute Smurfs have started a new action, preparing to explore the mountains old forests. Because of the long distance, many small age Smurfs cannot participate, unless they can guarantee that they will not left behind. Every Smurf is patting the chest, promised can do it. Jan. 1, 2021 Start Register
Cheers for our pure friendship! Happy childhood is created by kid oneself, my smile can support you, your hug has encouraged me, there is no absolute right or wrong, use our tolerance, continue the pure friendship of childhood! Participate in kid's film and television on stage performance comprehensive education... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
Dear dad, stupid birds have food to eat! Make the best of yourself, do not put pressure on yourself, learn as much as you like, and constantly strive to master new knowledge, every kid can do it! Stay away from introverted behavior, get healthy, happy, happy, get healthy, wisdom, beautiful, etc., create and provide a good environment for kids ... Nov 1, 2020 Start Register
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