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Get to the point! When facing a group of strangers, can use your own words to get to the point immediately? On the speech stage, gestures, gestures, etiquette, etc., directly affect the effect of the speech. Given one minute of opportunity, can teenagers introduce themselves in a natural and unrestrained way? Dec. 1, 2024 Start Register
Oneself style! Teenagers often have to face failure, over and over again. The successive failures often make teenagers feel discouraged, and some even feel that everyone's eyes are chilling. In fact, it's not necessary at all! Because failure is always temporary, and any success is achieved through failure. Nov. 1, 2024 Start Register
The best stage! Various interviews are the best stage for teenagers to show out their own. Talking with others is the best stage to show out their own speaking ability. Participating in important interviews is a rare opportunity to show out their own expressive ability. Oct. 1, 2024 Start Register
Full of confidence! Every teenager must be confident in himself, because inner self-confidence and reflecting his own spirit are indispensable and important factors for overcoming difficulties and striving for victory! For example: Can teenagers get one minute to introduce themselves in a natural and relaxed manner? Sep. 1, 2024 Start Register
The difference is clear! In the eyes of teens, there is a clear distinction between talents and talents. Every teenager hopes to become a pillar of tomorrow, and no one wants to become a dead tree. The goal is correct. As long as every teen can make practical efforts, he will be able to achieve his correct goal. Aug. 1, 2024 Start Register
Life opportunity! Opportunities will appear in front of teenagers every day. For teenagers who are prepared, they be able to seize this opportunity in time and show themselves, because opportunities welcome those who are prepared most! Therefore, always be prepared for your own success, and make adequate preparations early. Jul. 1, 2024 Start Register
Introduce yourself! Given you a minute, can introduce yourself naturally? Many teenagers are boastful and elated in front of their classmates, but when they face interviews and give speeches in full view, they immediately lose their former charm, and they can't even introduce themselves naturally. Why? Jun. 1, 2024 Start Register
Correctly the error! Can their own consciously correct your mistakes? It is not easy. Many teenagers have made mistakes and are unwilling to admit their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but few people can correctly their own mistakes correctly. Please remember that how you treat your mistakes is very important. May 1, 2024 Start Register
Walking posture! Why do we repeatedly emphasize the importance of young people's walking posture? Because the correct walking posture is beneficial to the health of teenagers and is a plus for the external image of teenagers, so for teenagers, correct walking posture is very important. Apr. 1, 2024 Start Register
Interview! Teenagers have the opportunity to attend a variety of interviews. Frankly speaking, for teenagers, every interview is a rare opportunity, and it is also the best stage for teenagers to show out their own, must actively prepare, and then, can do it and work hard to show their best aspects. Mar. 1, 2024 Start Register
A very important course! Teenagers must learn to master timely improvement of their psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and other comprehensive qualities to help their own gain health, wisdom, beauty and so on. This is a very important subject and must not be taken lightly. Feb. 1, 2024 Start Register
Winner! Teenagers often encounter various speeches and debates at school. To be able to successfully become the final winner, not only the eloquence, but also the standing posture of the speech, the posture on the podium, the personal etiquette, etc. must be excellent, ... Jan. 1, 2024 Start Register
Can your own do it? 60 seconds, let your own tense mood calm down, let your own anxious face, or tense face, or angry face, or panic face, etc., immediately show a bright smile, full of confidence, a vigorous look, etc. , can your own do it? To show their best demeanor under the eyes of the public, ... Dec. 1, 2023 Start Register
Survival the skills! What is teens correct posture? Why is it important to maintain correct posture? Teenagers often struggle with these questions and cannot find the right answers. Many teens don't even know they're walking incorrectly. Don't worry, just take a few steps in front of the mirror and your own will be able to find out the answer. Nov. 1, 2023 Start Register
Beautiful voice! Teenagers often have many questions, similar to: Why does one's own voice sound bad? Why is walking posture important? Why do one's own feel out of breath and tired when giving a speech? Why do one's own need to show one's own eyes, gestures and gestures appropriately when talking with people? Oct. 1, 2023 Start Register
Why go off topic! No matter in a speech or a conversation, it is necessary to be able to cut into the topic naturally and immediately. However, for many teenagers, it is very difficult, because if they do not master it well, they often go off topic etc. Sep. 1, 2023 Start Register
Posture! Does Posture Matter? Can their own show out your own correct posture? Many teenagers and their parents have long dismissed it, and even mistakenly believed that teenagers only need good grades to be fine, as for walking posture, sitting posture, receiving people and to handle things, etc., they can be ignored. Aug. 1, 2023 Start Register
Wonderful performance! Can you be done? Performing wonderful performances, many teenagers are unable to do it, thinking it is too difficult, and many teenagers often complain, there is no reason to be jealous of the progress of other students, complain about the unfairness of the teacher, and so on. Jul. 1, 2023 Start Register
Speech pose! The posture of teens participating in presentations is very important! The posture of the speech includes the speaker's standing posture, colorful facial expressions, the movement of the hands, the speaker's free movement, walking around the podium... Jun. 1, 2023 Start Register
The source of power! Adolescents should be full of self-confidence, believe in their abilities, study hard, and constantly improve their psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and their overall quality, have good quality, can give themselves strength, their own good quality is also their own source of the power. May 1, 2023 Start Register
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