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Child Art Group Admission Around the World

Golden Int'l, 2003 came from the New York is an Int'l Dance,  Film  and Language Academy; annual open professional, applicability, and colorful, fascinating course. Golden Int'l to create and have a highly efficient, mature, unique, innovative teaching methods Int'l, Golden Int'l will Teaching be restructured to encourage dry type, heuristic, subtle style of teaching, guide students in the happy, the free spontaneous study hard; show themselves every day.
Have both been int'l teachers, Golden int'l, long-term education, training and education through the outstanding regular university has bachelor degree or above, with rich professional knowledge and teaching experience. Have a passion for teaching, youthful vitality, patient and meticulous, optimistic, energetic, fluent spoken English, good temperament, responsible, high quality, warm humor, will be College of the sun can be successful, noble American teaching methods to the students, to ensure that every student deeply infected, in a relaxed happy and enjoyable atmosphere to learn and improve; TV sketch show, hosted model etiquette, stage poetry readings, personal album art, online teaching courses, int'l study exchange and so on;
Chinese students studying here, dance, film and television over video sketch show, in English telling of stories, stage plays, poetry readings, int'l business, etiquette, etc.; foreign students are here to learn dance, spoken Chinese, Chinese culture, int'l business, etiquette, etc.;
Golden Int'l Preprimary sunny, vibrant, the cradle of the stars of tomorrow, is an extraordinary person DreamWorks, is everyone happy happy classroom in the beautiful and nice rhythm, along with the healthy growth of the students!
Golden Int'l to create an environment to encourage students to be happy, the free, comprehensive knowledge of learning self-consciously, with effort and intelligence to weave glittering life!
Golden Int'l Child Art Group  5-8 Years Old Admission Around the World
Golden Int'l Child Specialty:
Dance, Host, film, TV show, in English telling of stories, stage plays, poetry recitation, singing and etc.
Admission requirements Golden Int'l Child Art Group
Enrollment:  24 students
Admission Age: 5 - 8 years old
Registration fee: 600 RMB each child, 2 inch photograph, ID card needed;
Class date:  every month fourth Sunday 11 - 11:25am, 11:30 - 11:55am;
1. Registration:  every month before 20 Register, to Golden Int'l Dance Academy registed detail information
2. Registration methods: student enrollment, more detail information
3. The payment: Cash or credit card (credit card required to pay 1% fee);
4. Appearance, when you bring the as following:
1) registration number;
2) the student or parents original ID card or passport with a copy;
3) two photos (one inch, 2 inches of a black and white, color can be);
4) registration form (at the scene when they reported to receive);
5. Check in Date:  first class open day, time:  30 minutes before first class open;
6. Failed to properly report late, the Golden Int'l right to cancel its registration number;
7. Appearance, location: Golden Int'l Dance Academy;
8. Class date:  every month fourth Sunday 11 - 11:25am, 11:30 - 11:55am;
9. Venue: in Golden Int'l;  Academy map       Traffic guide;

10. 欢迎访问金池国际针对学龄前小朋友的官方网站 Welcome to the Golden Int'l for children  official site:

1)金池国际儿童乐园 金池国际影视 栏目中欣赏部分参加金池国际幼儿综合培训项目小朋友的表演视频, 上课花絮; Golden Int'l Children's Playground  Golden Int'l part of student performance, study in classes;
2)金池国际儿童乐园  金池国际影集栏目中, 欣赏部分参加金池国际幼儿综合培训项目小朋友在课堂上的和表演的真实的照片; Golden Int'l Children's Playground  Golden Int'l part of student performance photos;
3)每一位小朋友从不会, 害羞, 胆小......, 经过在金池国际的高兴学习, 既能开口讲故事, 朗诵, 又可以翩翩起舞! Through Golden Int'l happy learning, each child will from never, shy, timid ......,  to change to not only can speak the story, reading, and can dance , talking stories, and  in a happy mood!
4) 亲爱的小朋友和家长, 相信自己, 经过在金池的长期综合学习, 一定能够天天向上!Dear little friends and parents, believe in yourself, participate in the Golden Int'l of long-term comprehensive learn, will be able to make progress every day!
5) 金池国际将根据每一位学生的特点, 愿望, 为学生制定学习的短期和长远规划; 定期组织学生参加演出, 给学生提供表演展现的机会, 使学生们在高兴中全方位健康的成长; Golden Int'l will be based on each student's characteristic, desire, for students to develop learning short-term or long-term planning; organize students to participate in the performance, to provide students with the opportunity to performance to enable students in the joy of all-round healthy growth;
6) 在时间上有冲突的学生, 可以直接与金池国际联系, 金池国际可以针对每一位学生的特点进行专业舞蹈, 表演的特殊培训, 学生可以随时报名参加, 达到提高;   There is a conflict in time student, can be directly  contact with Golden Int'l , Golden Int'l can be tailored to each student's characteristics of professional to arrange special training of dance, performing, students can enroll  anytime to participate in, to improve;
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