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Set off each other! The safflower and the green leaves complement each other, and neither the safflower nor the green leaves are perfect. Every child needs the help of other children, and can also help other children. Cultivating child has a good personality is very important. Because children’s young minds are difficult to face the tense rhythm of learning and life...
Deep enlightenment! Healthy children, all full of power, smart, participate in the correct education, grow up sturdily, let the children give full play to their thinking, learn to show themselves, focus on the children’s characteristics, discover the children’s strengths, and give them the correct guidance. It is what every good parent should master.
Lele's troubles! At a young age, troubles have begun to appear? Really, it happened to the Lele child next door. So far, Lele was so worried and couldn't eat. Little friend Andy found out, he immediately found Lele, took Lele’s little hand, ran quickly, and kept said about it, hurry up, hurry up, we're late!
Flower Fairy brings joy! The flowers bloom after the rain, under the blowing of the morning breeze, gently shaking, graceful posture, fascinating, and imaginative, the colorful flowers bloom in the sun, giving the earth fragrance. Children like flowers , among the hundreds and thousand of flowers in the mountains and plains, happily enjoy the fragrance, sweetness and joy of the flowers.
Healthy and happy growth! The comprehensive quality of children is very important, it will affect the child's life; it is necessary to improve the comprehensive quality of children, so that children can master themselves to create a healthy environment, grow happily, enjoy to slowly learn, etc.;
Dandelion is smiling, spring is coming! Earth is changing dress, greenery, everywhere exudes a strong spring, beautiful spring, brings warm spring breeze to the children, spring rain, flowers blooming... Participate in learn the performance, improve personal quality, temperament, expression ability, etiquette , see, speak, language skills, etc.
The secret of little sister of butterfly! Butterflies are dancing in the sea of flowers, showing their colorful wings, under the shining of the sun, forming a colorful and beautiful scenery. Suddenly, the butterflies discovered that the lovely butterfly little sister was gone. All the butterflies were very anxious. They searched separately, but none of them were found, what should do?
Brand new environment! When faced with a new and unfamiliar environment, it is very important to encourage the children to use the mood I like, preconceived. When faced with a brand new environment, there are challenges everywhere for children. Similar to: new teachers, new classmates, new environments, even new languages, etc.
The beauty of a smile! Every day, showing your own smile is easy for every child to do. Use own naive innocent smile to make yourself happy and infect others. Children need to face different people and different things. Some are happy, some are exciting, some are irritating, some are depressing, and some are angry.
Should children eat snacks? Many children love to eat snacks, especially when they see the tempting chocolate, they immediately show their own love. Little Amy and her mother are shopping in the mall. When they reach the chocolate area, Amy can't walk anymore, hoping to eat tempting chocolates right away.
Wonderful day! The sun came out, the brilliant rays of light shining on all things, covering the earth, the thick snow is melting, the ice needles on the pine trees are dripping, the little squirrel of the elves sees the wonderful changes, laughs, happy !
Surprise! The beautiful swimming pool attracts children. It’s amazing. You can float on the water, you can also swim in the water like a fish, and you can learn to dive... the fun is endless. However, the teacher teaches every child very seriously, pay attention to safety, first of all, follow the lifeguard coach to learn to protect your own safety...
Brave little sparrow! In April, it was still so cold, and the howling north wind was biting..., the little sparrow fell to the grass by the strong wind, and it struggling to call mother, but the weak voice, the north wind overwhelmed... Very It was cold and shivering all body, but it didn't give up. It kept swinging with its own feathered wings.
Dreams come true! Dreams, longings, surround Garfield all the time. Can Garfield's dream come true? He loves to eat and can't control his desire for food. Garfield looks at his changed the body every day, and has made up his mind many times, but when he sees food, he still can't control his appetite... what should do? One day, Garfield met Little Bunny, and after a happy conversation with Little Bunny...
It's easy to create happy! Every day is very happy, because we can create happiness by ourselves, smile with our own kindness, face other children, a cordial greeting, a beckoning gesture, simple and easy, pass on the friendship between our children, each care, each other help. Golden Int'l specializes arrange for children's reading, drama stage performance comprehensive education
Magical effect phone! The mobile phone is every child’s favorite. On mobile phone has the latest stories, problem-solving methods, novel games, beautiful cartoon pictures, and it is convenient to contact other children. It attracts children will often play on mobile phones and linger. Many parents worry about it, but helpless...
Correct walking posture! Every child has a different walking posture, but is the walking posture correct? The answer is that it is not correct. There is an error in the walking posture. Some children walk with heels, some children walk with outside eight word foot, and some children walk with inner eight word foot, and some children are still hunched...
Secret! The little mantis has a little secret, use his love to help everyone. One day, little mantis was working, and suddenly heard the sound of oh, oh, oh, it curiously followed the sound, saw three little bees arguing, you say one sentence, I said one sentence, it was very lively, due to for a very small thing.
Flowers are blooming! The flowers are in full bloom, the fragrance is tangy, the flowers are blossoming, and every child likes as like a little bee, immersed in the sea of flowers, singing happily, laughing, adding charm to their childhood, and enjoying the beautiful time...
Golden sunshine! Whenever the sun rises, the shining is the sky, the beautiful sun jumps out from the water, the golden sun shines all over the earth, the children are bathed in warm sunshine, enjoy a new day and happy a day, full of freshness, happiness, friendship, fraternity...
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