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Selfless help! In a blink of an eye, four years passed, Amy came to a foreign country, and the enthusiastic help of new friends made Amy feels that warmth as like spring every day. Many things moved her, the smiles of the students, the encouragement, and the selfless help... Jun. 1, 2021 Start Register
The pure the friendship! Xiaohua accidentally fell and was taken to the hospital. She suffered a serious fracture. The doctor told her that she could not walk on the ground for three months... Xiaohua is very depressed, how can I go to school? Classmate Andy came to visit Xiaohua with the flower basket he made...May 1, 2021 Start Register
Send charcoal snowing! Often encounter difficulties. What should do if kids encounter difficulties? Especially in a foreign country, the language is not communicated, and they are lost road, what should do? The thing happened to Xiao Ming, and he got lost. Suddenly a warm, kind and kind voice rang in Xiao Ming ears side... Apr. 1, 2021 Start Register
Garfield learns foreign languages! The host is on a business trip and brought Garfield to a beautiful island country, rich in all kinds of fish. When Garfield heard it, he drooled. He hurried to the host and asked anxiously, is there Melaleuca? ? The host smiled and replied, there are a lot of fish meal's Melaleuca...Mar. 1, 2021 Start Register
For friendship to hail! Looking at the past, are all new and unfamiliar faces, but the bright smile on their faces gives people infinite warmth. New friends, please cheer for our friendship! Finally feel happy, although in the brand new home, although there is language barrier with other kids, the most primitive body language of mankind... Feb. 1, 2021 Start Register
Embrace a new life! With joy mood to describe it most appropriate. When kids go to a foreign country, face a new learning environment, a strange living environment, kids are full of curiosity, joy, excitement, but not afraid, because there is no strangeness. Jan. 1, 2021 Start Register
The weather is fine after the rain and the sun is shining! Arguing with little friends can happen at any time, correcting conflicts correctly, showing your sincerity with a smile, gaining friendship and understanding, is an important knowledge that every child must learn and master, for his childhood Life increases joy, etc. Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
Vibrant and energetic! Correct posture performance comprehensive education, pass on health knowledge, showing oneself healthy temperament, being at ease, infecting others, etc. Giving kids a happy, healthy learning environment, cultivating children to create happiness every day, enjoying learning, enjoying life, enjoying in laughter Life... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
New friends next door! Golden Int'l specially arranges on stage performances for children studying comprehensive education. In the United States to participate in correct posture performance comprehensive education, learn to face a new environment with a happy attitude, use your own smile, kindness, and friendship... Oct. 1, 2020 Start Register
Happiness accompanies our healthy growth! Joyful language, exaggerated expressions, agile movements, realistic performances, showing wisdom, moving yourself, infecting others, spending a good childhood time in joy, leaving unforgettable happy memories! Sep. 1, 2020 Start Register
Enjoy the new life happily! Participate in soundtrack storytelling performance comprehensive education, learn to face a new environment with a happy attitude. Use oneself smile, kindness, friendship to win the recognition of new friends, enjoy happiness, and enjoy learning! To show oneself sincerity with a smile, to gain friendship... Aug. 1, 2020 Start Register
Friends, for our friendship cheer ! Learn the soundtrack poetry recitation performance education, pass our the selfless the fraternity to new friends. In a strange environment, use oneself good smile, good body language, protect oneself, meet new friends, enjoy new learning, living environment. Jul. 1, 2020 Start Register
It’s a great time! There’s a new classmate to come with a different look. The class’s classmates are all elated, because they’re up to learn the knowledge! First of all, because of the different languages, the students are all using body language talking, the classroom is full of energy, joy, bursts of laughter from time to time...Jun. 1, 2020 Start Register
Help each other! When arrive in a foreign country, can language barriers really stop children? No, for children who are prepared, not only will be not, but also their other strengths, such as: own performances, storytelling, native language, own wisdom, etc., can also bring joy to other students, forming mutual help. May 1, 2020 Start Register
Warm smile! On the first day, accompanied by parents, Andy arrived at the new school to report, saw four teachers, although they talked with their parents, but each teacher showed warmth. Smile, let Andy feel intimate, the original nervousness, the natural disappearance, curiosity arises spontaneously... Apr. 1, 2020 Start Register
The charm of language! It is already a household thing for kids to learn a second language. Learning, mastering multiple languages, laying a good foundation for children to study in the United States, is a positive preparation, for kids can into a new environment, healthy, as soon as possible adapting to the environment and integrating into the new environment, etc., is the best way... Mar. 1, 2020 Start Register
Friendship flowers are in full bloom! The flowers are blooming to give the earth a fragrance, warmth, joy... When arrive in a foreign country, behind the freshness, there is loneliness, helplessness... Every kid is difficult to face! It doesn't matter, change yourself first! Feb. 1, 2020 Start Register
Show yourself! Sweet accompany her parents to a foreign country, everything is full of freshness, because of language barriers, with a brilliant smile, the body languages, etc., in the joy, met many strange things. Although there are great misunderstandings on many occasions, the same as playing the piano for the cow... Jan. 1, 2020 Start Register
Splendid smile! After the introduction of the new teacher, the classmates applauded and welcomed the new classmates. The roses that were just still in tension were suddenly the moved. The applause of the students was came from to the heart, and it was the moving... Dec. 1, 2019 Start Register
All happy! All family members move to a new environment, it is a very extravagant thing to be able to achieve every members joy, and it is impossible to reach! However, it is necessary to arrange the corresponding methods and measures in advance for the specific conditions of the new environment... Nov. 1, 2019 Start Register
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