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Party of little sparrows! The little sparrows are all happy, because there is a party, all little sparrows are guessing the surprising scene, looking forward to a good time! Golden Int'l arranges film and television performance comprehensive education, creating and providing a good environment for children, learning performance.
Must read carefully: For Child Participate in Golden Int'l Free Education I am a Novice How to Use? Follow the steps to join free download Golden Int'l Free Education the education courses to oneself device, then following learn.
The little squirrel always hard works on the pine trees! The pine grandfather praises him, the prize is many big pine nuts. When the little squirrel enjoys the prize, will eat a lot big pine nuts, until oneself belly is bulging up. Grandpa Pine said: Little squirrels can no longer eat...!
Sunshine, rain and dew! The healthy growth of the grasses is inseparable from the sunshine, the rain and the dew. Because, the golden the sun gives the grasses sunshine, the clear and cheerful rain dew, gives the grasses the water, under the sun and the rain dew care, the grasses are healthy thrive.
Special gift! The laughter is getting bigger and bigger, the birds are stopping on the tree, looking for laughter. The pine trees are happily celebrating the meeting, very lively, for the health of the pine trees, for the harvest of pine nuts this year, and for the unity of the pines... The birds quietly discussed, should give a special gift to the celebration of the pine trees...
Enjoy food, stay away from obesity! Children love modern food, fast food, and many are considered junk food by parents, because modern food does have many advantages, attracting children, let children so much love, never tired of eating...
Garfield smiled! The love of Melaleuca is a feature of Garfield. Although it is a story in the movie, the actual Garfield is also loved eat. The result is of course obesity and causes many diseases. Andy is the little master of Garfield, and the closest friend. When Andy saw the Garfield that had just healed from ill...
Eat out healthy! Every parent thinks that children should eat on time, but modern human snacks are full of flavors and tempting tastes. Every child loves snacks, even junk food that mothers hate... The many parents are not allowed child eat, however, the child loves to eat, eat more and more...
Stay away from obesity! Modern foods, sugary drinks, etc. are regarded as junk foods, the chief culprit affecting human health, etc., like a flood and beasts..., people are scared; But the appeal to children is growing, children love it, still want to eat after eating;
Applaud for friendship! For children, have introverted mentality and introverted behavior, parents often perform a very anxious mentality. In fact, don’t have to, because the children’s introverted behavior, the introverted mentality, is the day after tomorrow, and it does not appear out for one day, etc., all are after a long period of gradually formed..., as long as the method is correct, it can improve, changed...
Why are afraid? Because of the child's surviving environment, many children are the little heroes at home, dare to say, dare to think, dare to do; But once they leave home, it is like changing someone, because the child is often to face other children the ridicule..
Happy childhood! Childhood should be happy, full of beautiful, wonderful dreams, eager to grow up, looking forward to becoming... Every child can create a happy childhood; Be a happy child, be healthy under the sun and rain Growth. Participate in comprehensive education for film and television performance, create and provide a good environment for young children...
Yes, children are faced with strange environments, although children's age are young, their expressions react, if are wrong, they can get forgiveness from others. However, if it became the bad habits, will affect the healthy growth of children... Facing a strange environment, with a smile of goodwill, to pass happiness, learning to embrace new friendship, etc.,
Every day, I learn hard in the happiness! I am a little fat, children often call me a little fat child, but I can tell them that thank you for reminding me! I am enjoying food in happiness, stay away from obesity, please cheer for me! Learn to use your kindness, help children who need help, show their temperament, sunshine, infect other children...
The laughter of the apple tree! In the annual harvest season, the apple tree is already full of big apples, many branches have been bent, and many apples are guessing where they will go this year, they have a bright future... Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge...
The green little grass! The little grass is under the spring breeze blowing, the happy to swing, very comfortable, free and comfortable, the grass's sister is singing, green, red, beautiful, fascinating... Do you know? Introversion and obesity are a pair of difficult brothers, and introverts are prone to illness...
Roses are waving in the wind, like dancing beautiful! The storm came, lightning and thunder, hurricane calls, ruthlessly destroying the good things, but brave roses, after the rain they are smiling toward the sun... Modern food, sugary drinks, etc., for modern children The attraction is getting bigger and bigger...
Happy laughter! It is very easy to share happiness with other children.... Enjoy comprehensive education in film and television performances, learning to laugh at difficulties, courage to take on their own mistakes, etc.
Today I am Snow White! Like beautiful, put on a white dress, under the eyes of the children, step to take out the lightly the pace, like the Snow White in the dream, show on the stage,... Enjoy the food happily, and pass your own in happiness, easily methods, prevent obesity, stay away from introversion, etc.;
The secret of small mantis! The small mantis is working, suddenly heard the sound of oh, it is curious with the sound, seeing the three little bees are arguing, you say, it is very busy, and the small mantis gently climbed over. .. Learning performances, improving personal qualities, temperament, ability to express, etiquette, reading, learning, speaking, performing language skills, etc.,
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